Batman Beyond Incoming As McFarlane Toys Unveils New Figure

In the future, Batman can't protect Gotham anymore, so he needs to pass on the mantle to someone new. Luckily for him that someone has just stumbled upon his manner as Terry McGinnis is here. That's right, McFarlane Toys has announced at Batman Beyond will be getting his very own action figure in Spring 2021. It is unclear if this is part of a new wave of figures or if he will be getting a solo release. McFarlane Toys has only released one single image showcasing their new figure, getting us a quick tease of the greatness that is coming. The figure will feature a beautifully crafted head sculpt, a new sleek Batman design, and a red color that really pops. We don't know if he will include any accessories besides the attachable wings that we can assume will go onto his back just like McFarlane Toys did with the Hellbat figure. I would love to see an unmasked head sculpt, but I am certain we will get at least one or two batarangs with him.

Batman Beyond Incoming As McFarlane Toys Unveils New Figure
Credit: McFarlane Toys

Batman Beyond is a beloved character that fans fell in love with when the animated series came out in 1999. This will be a fun figure for any Batman fans with an all-new and amazing design that many collectors will want to add to their growing collection. It does seem that the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figure line is very Batman oriented but with great stories, great characters, and a huge plethora of costumes, how could it not be. Batman is one of the biggest superheroes in the DC Universe, and of course, Batman sells. It is unclear if Batman Beyond is a retailer exclusive or will be released to the general public. Pre-orders are not live just yet, but fans will be able to find DC Multiverse McFarlane Toys figures located here.

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