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Mythic Legions Necronominus Wave Revealed And Up For Preorder

Mythic Legions fans are having a weekend. LegionsCon, the yearly get-together for the fans of all things Four Horsemen Studios, is happening as I write this, and it kills me not to be there in person. As a newer collector to the line after years of resisting, I have drunk the kool-aid, so to speak, and the other big event from the studio this weekend has got collectors and me in a tizzy. I am talking, of course, about the reveal of the Necronominus wave, the final of the four horsemen of Mythos. After the other three were revealed in previous waves- Arethyr, Illythia, and Poxxus, Necronominus is the darkest and most sinister of the bunch. The lord of the dead, his wave is full of undead soldiers and legions loyal to him, but also some heroes that will take the fight to him.

Mythic Legions Necronominus Wave Reveals

The three standard knights in this wave, all from the heroic Order of Eathyron, include Sir Elijah, Sir Adalric, and a 2.0 version of Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, one of the most requested redos in the line. Also representing the Order of Eathyron is the reformed Ogre Sir Ucczajk, a behemoth of a figure.

Ahh, but this Mythic Legions wave belongs to death, and joining the ranks are The Turpiculi, a long dead terrors that looks like General Grievous from our nightmares, Maxillius the Harvester, the Mythos version of the grim reaper, and Necronominus's daughter, the ghoul Belualyth, who comes with a whole stable of undead animals including a skeleton chimera. Personally, she might be my favorite of the wave.

We are also getting a new builder pack, this one including limbs to make a horde of ghosts and zombies to add to your shelves. The pack comes with one body, but all the parts to make more ghosts and zombies by popping and swapping with other figures. We are also getting a hands and feet pack for our skellys, as well as weapon packs and hands packs for the Order of Eathyron as well.

Two new horses join the line this wave, as Sir Gideon Heavensbrand's horse Bishop is available, decked out in elaborate grab for such a royal steed. On the opposite side, Necronominus has a horse of his own, and as a lot of collectors predicted before the reveals, he is a skeleton horse named Conabus.

Mythic Legions Necronominus Wave Revealed And Up For Preorder
Credit Four Horsemen Studios

Finally, the big man himself was revealed, and he is stunning. Mythic Legions fans were thrilled to get our first eyes on Necronominus, and he does not disappoint. Bone wings, a removable headdress that reveals wings underneath, sick detail work in the sculpt and paint aps, and weidling the mighty Godrazor, which resurrects anything it touches to serve in his armies of the undead.

This might be one of the best waves Four Horsemen Studios has revealed so far, and that is saying something. The figures are up for preorder now here and will be until January 15th.

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