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Four Horseman Debuts Figura Obscura Sun Wukong, The Monkey King 
At this point, Four Horsemen Studios is very popular for their impressive 1/12 scale action figure line Mythic Legions Cosmic Legion is also going strong, as well as their surprise drops from the Figura Obscura Figura Obscura is dedicated to some of the wild releases that fit outside the realm of Mythic Legions These figures[...]
Mythic Legions All Star 6 Vote Is Now Live
Mythic Legions fans: it is that time of year The Four Horsemen have opened up voting for fans to choose which figures will be included in All Stars 6 What is that, you may ask? Well, once a year, the 4H listens to the fans and puts a vote up for a wave of figures[...]
Four Horsemen Spectral Green Headless Horseman Arrives Tomorrow 
We are a day away from Four Horsemen Studios kicking off their new wave of Mythic Legions figures This special wave is unlike any other that has arrived with a special Retailer Appreciation Wave featuring some rereleases This whole wave of figures features some modified rereleases, including the Halloween 2022 return of the Headless Horseman[...]
Mythic Legions Retailer Appreciation Wave Fully Revealed
Mythic Legions collectors are a family, from Four Horsemen Studios, through their approved retailers, to those of us who gobble them up as soon as we see them They take care of their fans, but they also do a lot for their retailers, and to show even more thanks they have revealed an exclusive wave[...]
Mythic Legions Necronominus Wave Revealed And Up For Preorder
Mythic Legions fans are having a weekend LegionsCon, the yearly get-together for the fans of all things Four Horsemen Studios, is happening as I write this, and it kills me not to be there in person As a newer collector to the line after years of resisting, I have drunk the kool-aid, so to speak,[...]
Mythic Legions Furious Four LegionsCon Exclusives Set Revealed 
In preparation for the big event, The Four Horsemen have givens fans a closer look at their exclusives Mythic Legions LegionsCon Exclusives Set This special 2-pack set is titled the Furious Four and will include two figures with a nice assortment of swappable parts This will include four head sculpts with Dinosaur, knight, skull, and[...]
Four Horsemen Debuts Cosmic Legions Book Two Figure Wave 
Mythic Legions has easily taken a lot of collectors by surprise with its very impressive lineup of figures Four Horsemen dropped the Mythic Legions line, which focused on the Medieval Era with demons, magic, and everything in-between The company recently expanded its coverage by introducing its new Space-Themed Legions line titled Cosmic Legions We are[...]
Mythic Legions Red Krampus Variant Arrives from Four Horsemen
We have reviewed the figure right here, and besides the issue with the tail, this is a powerful figure for the Mythic Legions line The Figura Obsura line is supposed to be creatures, heroes, villains, and other beasties that just do not fit in the other lines Krampus fits exactly that, and if you missed[...]
Your Figure Ride into Battle with A Giant Wolf Thanks to D20Studio
The figure is scaled perfectly for 1/12 figure lines and would work great with Mythic Legions, Marvel Legends, and Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective figures The Black Giant Wolf is scaled at 7.48" and is fully articulated with 25 points of articulation and high amounts of detail Three different versions of the Black Giant Wolf will[...]
Krampus Arrives This Holiday with New Deluxe Mythic Legions Release
The holidays are not always filled with cheer as Mythic Legions unleashes the haunting horror of Krampus this year As part of their 2021 Holiday Special, the devil of Christmas is here and ready to hunt for some new wicked boys and girls This figure is getting a special In Stock release and will be[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Mythic Legions Newest Figure Wave: Poxxus
The Four Horsemen are back as they put up pre-orders for their newest set of collectibles as part of their popular and impressive Mythic Legions line This wave is titled Poxxus and there is a total of 10 figures heading our way, one of which is a new horse companion Some of the other included[...]
Mythic Legions All-Stars 4 Includes Two MOTU Homage Figures
The hit fantasy figure line Mythic Legions from Four Horseman Studios is back as they debut the lineup for their All-Stars 4 collection The All-Stars series allows fans to get reissued figures from some of the hottest Mythic Legion figures and even some new additions Four figures will be returning in this wave with Tibius,[...]
Mythic Legions Tactics Deluxe Orc Builder Figure Sets Coming Soon
The next Mythic Legions crowdfunding campaign is almost underway, and fans get a glimpse at what is to come Two special male and female deluxe Orc army building kits have been revealed that are packed with swappable parts and weapons Mythic Legions fans will now be able to create their own army of Orcs for[...]