Let's Take a Look at NECA's Ultimate Gamer Gremlins Figure

NECA could not possibly be firing on all cylinders more than they are right now, for horror fans especially. Nowhere is that more apparent than with their Gremlins figures. Every single release is a home run, and setting new standards for creature articulation and sculpting work. When they announced this Ultimate Gamer Gremlin figure exclusive to Gamestop, I knew I had to make sure I got one. I got my hands on one this week finally, and thought we should take a look at an early contender for NECA figure of the year.

Look, I know some people don't care about packaging, but they must not have any experience with NECA and their Ultimate figures. Featuring amazing images and artwork on the front, gorgeous figure photos, and a nice, big window box showing off the figure, there really is no better packaging on figures these days. I open all of mine as carefully as possible so I can save each one. These are works of art, and they seriously needs to take a bow over how great a job they do with these.

When you get the Gamer Gremlin out of the box, you can truly see what a fantastic job they did on this guy. He comes with so many awesome accessories, including glasses, a popcorn bucket, a pop with a straw, a pinwheel hat, the Fail Guy arcade game, a joystick controller, and a Gremlins Atari game box. Oh, and a pair of swappable hands, a first for one of their Gremlins figures as far as I can remember. He holds everything really well, and getting him into poses where he is eating or playing games is simple.

And here dear reader I have to place a disclaimer: I broke my figure at this point. It was completely my fault, I overextended the right leg joint and snapped the peg in his leg. I am devastated at this turn of events, but soldiered on. So, if you notice any pics where his leg is missing I know. Not at all NECA's fault or because of their awesome work, just me and my stupidity.

Look at the details on that video game box! Or the Fail Guy machine! Even the joystick on the machine is moveable. The popcorn comes out of the top of the bucket so the Gremlin can wear it. The glasses and pinwheel hat also are super simple to put on and stay on just as easily. With so much articulation, all of the accessories are easy to have him interact with and make for great display possibilities.

I love this figure. Everything about it is perfect. I am super bummed that mine broke, but again that was my fault. NECA has created a high-quality piece with this Gremlins figure, and every fan or horror collector needs to own it. He can only be found at Gamestops, but you can order online here as well. Hurry: they won't stay around forever.

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