NERF Dinosquad Blasters Are A Fun Time For All Ages

NERF has a bunch of new blasters out right now, in a new line called Dinsosquad. Featuring molds that will remind you of, well, dinosaurs, these blasters are bold, colorful, and full of all the things that make NERF great. There are four blasters in all, and Hasbro was kind enough to send us over two of them to take a look at, the Armor Strike and Raptor -Slash. Check out our look at them in the video down below.

NERF Dinosquad Reminded Me Why I Love Them So Much

While these are not perfect, boy, are they a ton of fun. Just the look of them screams 90's to me and takes me right back to watching Nickelodeon in that decade, begging my mom to take us to Toy R US to grab these. I can picture what the commercial would have been now: kids playing outside, and as each grabs their Dinosquad blaster, they fire and morph into the dino represented by the blaster while guitar riffs play in the back and a voiceover yells at you. Hey Hasbro, can you just make that commercial now anyway?

Once out of the packaging, the blasters are easy to load up with darts and even easier to handle. The Armor Strike is a bit more cumbersome, as it is a bigger size. The Raptor-Slash is the better of the two, as it fits comfortably in your hand and is way easier to reload. Both also come with a healthy amount of darts as well, though I wish there was a way to store the extra darts on the blaster itself.

Most importantly, the blasters are so much fun. My daughter and I have been running around the house for days having NERF battles for the first time in years, and it was a nice reminder that these are safe and exciting ways to play both inside and out. Not expensive either, as the Armor Strike is around $30 and Raptor-Slash is less than $20. If you are looking for a good time as a family, these are a great purchase and will provide hours of fun. They are in stores and online now.

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