New York Toy Fair: 15 Photos from Storm Collectibles Booth

We continue our coverage of the New York Toy Fair 2020. This time we are going off the beaten path and checking out some of the other companies who are at the toy fair.

This time we are going to take a look at Storm Collectibles as they showcase some of their newest figures. A lot of there booth was figures that have already been announced but we are finally getting to take a look at them up close and personal. Of course two of their biggest franchises made an appearance; Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2. For Injustice two we got to see up close views of Darkseid, Bane, Lobo, and Doomsday. Photos hardly do these characters justice, they are a massive impact with detail that any collector will love. We did get a sample of what Storm Collectibles has yet to come as Ares, Batman, and Superman all featuring there Injustice outfits were showcases. Ares is definitely something special the paint scheme in the sculpting makes this figure something super unique that we rarely see anymore. Storm Collectibles Batman and Superman feature a high amount of detail and articulation but besides our costumes, it's hard to really see how these figures stand out from others made before. The Mortal Kombat figures or a pleasant surprise as this company creates some of the best Mortal Kombat figures on the market. We got to see some classic figures up close like subzero and scorpion as well as some of our favorite cybernetic fighters like Sektor. We did get to take a look at one of the upcoming Storm Collectibles characters as Motaro from Mortal Kombat 3 is headed our way. We only get to see him in a prototype phase it is not fully painted but this massive character Will make your Mortal Kombat collection go from 1 to 10 real fast. We even got to take a look at some of the upcoming Golden Axe figures. Not only are they highly detailed but they feature great sculpting and bring some nostalgia to life. 

Check out Bleeding Cools's Photo gallery of the Storm Collectibles booth below:

New York Toy Fair: 15 Photos from Storm Collectibles Booth

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