Is the Nooie Doorbell Cam Worth The $150 Price Tag?

We recently reviewed the Indoor and Outdoor Cameras from Nooie (here) and were given the opportunity to check out their Doorbell Cam. The last cameras we got were very well done, giving collectors a nice sense of security for their collections and houses. We were excited to see what else Nooie had to offer, and a Doorbell Cam is right up our alley. The cam was first released in August 2020 and is priced at $149.99, which is a little pricer compared to other competitors like Ring. So as a fellow Ring user, with a $50-70 price increase to our previous device, our hopes were fairly high on the camera. The camera does have some unique features like an included two different routing plates, easy installation, and an internal soundbox.

The camera itself is quite bulky but has a very simplistic design that can make it very easy to use. Set up was pretty complicated, with the app being very glitchy and freezing, making it hard to sync the device to the wi-fi. Mounting the Nooie Doorbell Cam was simple and easy, and the 15-degree plate was an excellent added extra supporting our house's layout. Upon ringing the device, users can immediately see the person at their front door, which is a great feature that companies like Ring don't use. With a sensor, many cameras can pick up everything, but the Nooie did exactly what it needed to with picking up more human elements than cars driving by. However, for all the positives, there were plenty of negatives, slowly adding this camera to the junk pile.

From our experience using this device, it was more of a hassle rather than a simple, easy security option. The indoor doorbell speaker was poorly executed, with terrible sound and crackling noise during each ring. The doorbell does not stay secure on the house, with it falling off many times by simply pushing the button. This would make it quite easy for anyone to steal your doorbell cam as well as all your belongings inside. The signal for us was very poor even though it was under 10 feet away from the router, making the app and the camera very slow, buggy, and a hassle. All and all, the camera did what it needed to but does not deserve a $150 price tag when people can find better ones at a lower price. While security is not supposed to come easy, the Nooie Doorbell Cam sadly makes things more difficult for the average user.

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