Jar Jar Binks Is One Of The Best Star Wars Black Series Figures

Star Wars fans feel a certain way about the subject of our figure focus today. Jar Jar Binks, fair or unfair, has been a lightning rod for fans and collectors since he first walked onto the screen in 1999. I for one have never really cared one way or another about him, but there is no denying that many fans "blame" Jar Jar for "ruining" Star Wars. That being said, a lot of those same "fans" now are scrambling into stores to get this new Black Series release right now, and many also need to realize that C-3PO is way more annoying than Jar Jar could ever hope to be. Let's take a look at his new figure and see why it is one of the best Hasbro has made in the line.

Jar Jar Is A Must Own Star Wars Fans. Get Over It.

I really like this new Star Wars Black Series packaging. Jar jar features a giant window box on the front, and on the side some awesome character art. These all connect across boxes, so I wonder who will release next from The Phantom Menace. On the back, character bio and legal mumbo jumbo, These new boxes are more compact and less wasteful, and I applaud Hasbro for figuring out a way to do this without sacrificing quality.

Once out of the box, you can instantly tell that quite a bit of love went into this guy. He features a bunch of new articulation points, and I love that his head is on a separate joint from his neck. It allows for some of his weird head tilts and such that he does in the films to be achieved. He stands very well, especially with the nice chest joint. There is a lot of new posability you can achieve with Jar Jar, way more than in most Star Wars figures in this line. He comes with a shield, spear, and some launch thing that I don't remember from the film. These newer gummy-like hands really work well as of late, getting the stuff in his hands is a cinch. There is just so much you can do with him, it will liven up your displays, that is for sure. My one complaint is that he needed to be able to open his mouth. Other than that, I have no complaints.

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Jar Jar Binks

This is a deluxe Black Series release, meaning Jar Jar will run you $29.99. He is worth every penny, and once collectors and fans get over their prejudices, they will realize that not only is this a great figure, but one that all of us should have on our shelf. You can get an order in for one still right here, or find him in stores now.

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