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With the cast largely rounded out for the upcoming Disney+ limited series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, we can count on at least one familiar name from the universe who's not returning is Ahmed Best, who's played Jar Jar Binks in the prequels and animated series The Clone Wars While he can technically also play another[...]
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is Back with New Hasbro Figures
Four figures were reveals from Hasbro with Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Jar Jar Binks, and a Battle Droid Each figure will be 6" with some updated design from previous releases like a new Qui-Gon head sculpt Hasbro did mention that was was a slight redesign for the packaging as they will not include the classic[...]
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Jar Jar Binks, fair or unfair, has been a lightning rod for fans and collectors since he first walked onto the screen in 1999 I for one have never really cared one way or another about him, but there is no denying that many fans "blame" Jar Jar for "ruining" Star Wars That being said,[...]
Star Wars Pulse Con 2020 Reveals - The Black Series Deluxe and More
Starting things off first is the one and only Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace This figure shows the return of the iconic character and is packed with some mighty accessories for the Gungan With a booma, spear, and energy shield, Jar Jar is ready to take on the Trade Federation all[...]
Star Wars Actor Liam Neeson Defends Phantom Menace, Defends Ahmed Best
It was terrific, Andy, it really was." The Oscar-nominee sympathized and defended actor Ahmed Best, who provided the voice of Jar Jar Binks "He came into a lot of criticism, I mean to the point where it really hurt his career," Neeson said "And I have to say when I was making that film …[...]
A sneak preview of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, courtesy of Disney.
In the series, host Ahmed Best aka Master Kelleran Beq (also Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequel films), wise-cracking protocol droid AD-3 (Mary Holland), and astromech LX-R5 guide Padawans through a series of tasks to become Jedi Knights Our first episode includes competitors Drake and Grace (Blue Team), Griffin and Brayden (Orange Team), and[...]
A sneak preview of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, courtesy of Disney.
Reality competition series host Ahmed Best aka Master Kelleran Beq (also Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequel films) took to Instagram to reveal that the series (available on the Star Wars Kids channel on YouTube and StarWarsKids.com) would be pushing back its premiere from June 3 to June 10 Best offered a very[...]
Ahmed Best jar jar in 2008
Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels, took to Twitter to reveal that backlash against the films, and his particularly disliked role, nearly led the actor to commit suicide, even in an era before social media existed. Best tweeted: 20 years next year I faced a media backlash that still affects my[...]
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"Say somethin' f***ing nice about Jar Jar Binks Now kiss him right on his seventeen d***s while I sit down on your face and take a s***." Check out the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS8bma7LRX4Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Natalie's Rap 2 – SNL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS8bma7LRX4) In case you need a refresher, here's Portman's original rap from 2006: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A0iftflme4Video[...]
Ahmed Best Protests Racist Erasure Of Jar Jar Binks From CGI History
Ahmed Best, the actor behind one of the greatest characters in cinematic history, Jar Jar Binks, helped to pioneer the field of motion capture with his bombad performance in critically acclaimed movies such as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace But when Wired and Andy Serkis ignored Binks' achievements in a feature on the history of[...]
Yes, It's True: Jar Jar Binks Is Officially Returning To Star Wars
Beloved Star Wars prequel character Jar Jar Binks is making his long-awaited triumphant return to the Star Wars universe… in the pages of a book. Oh yeah, that's right, we said in a book And just in a single interlude chapter at that! What are you gonna do about it, @FilmClickbait?! According to a story currently circling the drain of the[...]