Foolish Mortals, Let's Check Out Super7's Haunted Mansion Figures

Haunted Mansion is the best ride at the Disney Parks, and I will not accept any other response. How many young Monster Kids had their first experience with the macabre by stepping into the stretching room and boarding a Doombuggy when they were young? Sheer perfection, I must admit that when my favorite toy company Super7 announced a new partnership with Disney, my mind went right to The Haunted Mansion. Oh, the things they could do. Well, their first stab at characters from the ride is here, and if you can get your hands on it, every fan of the ride or Disney collector should have one. Let's take a look at their Haunted Mansion ReAction figures.

Super7: Please Keep Making Haunted Mansion Everything

First up, look at how absolutely gorgeous this packaging is. Deep black with blue accents, the figures come in a three-figure box with each peeking out from a portrait window in a neat nod to the ride. The three hitchhiking ghosts in all their glory are on the back, and neat little nods to some of the iconography most will recognize from The Haunted Mansion rides. So pretty, I felt so bad opening it. To my surprise, though, when opened, the geniuses at Super7 placed the figures in a tray so that they could easily be removed and put right back in to preserve the package for display. Great, great decision there.

Foolish Mortals, Let's Check Out Super7's Haunted Mansion Figures
ReAction Figures

Once free, the figures are perfect, with one minor flaw. Each has the standard ReAction five points of articulation, and all three feature amazing, detailed sculpting work. Each also comes with their character-specific accessory, and that is where the problem lies. Gus comes with his prisoner ball and chain, Ezra comes with his hat, and Phineas comes with his satchel. Sadly, try as I might, that satchel refuses to go into his hand. I tried everything and stopped to not damage the figure. Other than that, however, these three are pretty perfect. The paint aps especially are exceptional. Of the three, I think Ezra looks the best, with the deep blues and lighter colors complementing each other so well.

This Haunted Mansion set was an SDCC/Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con exclusive from Super7. While now sold out, the good news is they will be releasing them separately on vintage style cardbacks later this year. You can preorder that release right here.


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