Let's Take a Look at the Target Exclusive Black Panther Marvel Legends Set

Marvel Legends fans went gaga over the first wave of Black Panther figures. They shipped multiple times, and it was a fantastic wave of figures. More figures from the blockbuster film were a guarantee, and while there is a new wave coming in December, Target has an exclusive two-pack from the film. This one is hitting stores right now, and we got our hands on one.

Marvel Legends figures these days still come in the tried and true packaging. Big window box in the front showing off the figures, and great art work by Jerry J. Wilson. Seriously: he does such fantastic work (check out more of it here). As always, if you are a MOC collector you have no worries. Just as good as all the others.

Looking at the figures themselves, at least they tried. The Everett Ross figure is a rare miss. Its not that the headsculpt doesn't look like Martin Freeman, but the expression chosen is just off-putting. I am not sure what they were going for there, but it did not work. The basic buck used for the suited body has the same issues as the others: the ankles. It is really hard to get him to stand, the left foot on mine was especially stiff and hard to plant. Just a disappointing figure.

Not at all a miss is the Erik Killmonger. This version comes with swappable heads, one masked, one unmasked. The unmasked version features a fantastic likeness of Michael B. Jordan. Just like the original one form the first wave of figures, Killmonger has great paint deco, easy posability, and tight joints. The gold paint is way more defined on this one, it was more muted on the first figure. This one is worth the upgrade for sure.

But man, it is hard to say pay $40 for a two-pack of figures to upgrade the Killmonger. If you didn't buy any of the original ones, then I could see it. That Ross figure is not so great. You may be able to wait for it to go on sale.

If you don't want to wait and want to add it to your collection no, you can order one for yourself here.

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