The Worst Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7

The Worst is one of Super7's best creations; combining pulp heroes and sensibilities with horror and turning them into action figures is one of the smartest ideas, and now that they have busted out of their ReAction bubble and joined the Ultimates line, they are even better. Wave three is now up for order, featuring two new characters to the Ultimates line, Killer Bat and Cortex Commander. The Worst have some of the coolest designs in the figure game, and these are no different. Each comes with character-specific accessories and come housed in the much-loved Ultimates packaging. They will run you $55 a figure. Preorder now.

The Worst Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
Credit Super7

Super7 The Worst Ultimates Wave 3

"Killer Bat, the Baseball Shogun of Death, is baseball's all-time MVP: Most Violent Player. No matter the pitch, he always scores a single, double, or triple – homicide! And he has never lost, despite batting zero for over 500 years. The 7" scale The Worst ULTIMATES! Killer Bat figure includes multiple interchangeable heads and hands, his trademark Batana, catcher's mitt, foam hand, baseball, and a baseball card. He knows that every pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of them. If you ever encounter Killer Bat on the field, beg for a forfeit because the only strikes in his game will be to your jugular."

"The Ruthless Mastermind of Chaos, Cortex Commander, has his visible mind set on global domination! Countries bow to his unmatched tactical brilliance — the result of his classified, energized-ferrofluid brain case. The 7" scale The Worst ULTIMATES! Cortex Commander figure includes multiple interchangeable heads, domes, and hands, his staff, tank, globe computer, revolver, removable holster, and his sidekick Cortex Pigeon. Skilled in the art of war, psychological manipulation, and psychokinetic marksmanship, Cortex Commander, can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Pray you don't have to match wits with this terrifying general and his single-minded armies of chaos. "

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