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TMNT Mutant Mayhem: Let's Check Out The New Playmates Turtle Van

We continue our look at the new Playmates TMNT Mutant Mayhem figure line with the new version of the Turtle Van!

TMNT fans went into a frenzy this past weekend, as June 25th was a special day for us. The Mutant Mayhem figure line was released to stores that day, and all of us were out in full force, going from Target to Target to get our hands on the latest figures of this new version of the TMNT universe. With the toys in stores now, we thought this week would be a great time to take a look at what the Playmates line has to offer, and a big thank you to them, as they us over a big box of figures and more to show off. We checked out the figures, we looked at the cycles, and we saved the best for last, the new Turtle Van!

TMNT Mutant Mayhem: Let's Check Out The New Playmates Turtle Van
Credit Jeremy Konrad

The New TMNT Turtle Van Is A Worthy Addition, But Not Without Issues

I envy MOC collectors sometimes. When I get toys like this one and the rest of the Playmates line, I hate opening them. No different here, as the new van box is epic. Great colors, a cool action shot, and the logo. This is the complete package. I wish I could have stopped here because even though I liked what was inside, the box was just so cool I wanted to keep it pristine.

There is some light assembly to this new TMNT vehicle, but that takes about one minute. What takes longer is placing the epic about of stickers on this thing. Some are very tiny, so be careful not to rip them. Also: why are there so many stickers to place? There are other areas of the van where stickers are already on it; how did they determine which would already be on it? Anyway. After you place the stickers, you can take a step back and check it out. I love that it keeps some of the features of the classic van while also updating it and making it a van for a new generation. I also wish the details were a bit more defined and had some more oomph to them. But, there are a couple of things that hinder it. I don't like that the roof can't come off, though you can fit them into the front through the windows.

I also wish there were windows on the sides instead of plastic panels with stickers. I enjoy the different options on where to put the Turtles on the outside, especially hanging off the back. But because of the pizza shooter, inside the van is limited. The back opens as well, but there are no other seats or peg holes to keep the TMNT figures upright; they just fall right over. As far as the pizza shooter, the figures barely fit into it; that needed to be a smidge wider. I don't like how cumbersome the button to fire is either; it has a weird placement. It works well, though, as you can see below.

The giant pizza slice press and open feature work really well to release the pizza shooter, but it is so bulky. I like the look better with it inside the van. The distance and force on the pizza shooter are very impressive, but you get eight discs to fire that all fit inside nicely.

Overall, this is a worthy addition to the line, and though the features could have been a bit more detailed, for $40, this is a great toy for kids to play with. It will look good on display on the shelf, and since that is ultimately what we end up doing with it as adults, its faults are not as cosmetic. So it will fit in well on your TMNT display. You can grab one of these in Target stores now, and for more info on the full line, go here.

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