TMNT/Universal Monsters NECA Raphael Figure Is Early Fig Of The Year

TMNT and Universal Monsters are in for a treat this year thanks to NECA and their new line of mash-up figures. A dream line for me personally, NECA is not the first to produce a collaboration between the two entities, as Playmates has made Turtle Monsters a few times over the years, but to have a company as good as NECA make these is why we collect action figures. The first figure out the gate is Raphael as Frankenstein's Monster, and I was stunned to find one at my local Target yesterday. Even though it is January, this is already a leader in the clubhouse for figure of the year.

From The Package To The Figure, This TMNT Release Is A Home Run

This might be my favorite packaging for a figure ever. Yeah, sure, this is pretty much the same Ultimate box we get with many NECA releases. But it is the design that seals it. Especially the back, I love, love, love the old school monster movie poster font and design. It looks like a poster for a Karloff film. I wish they could do it as a poster. TMNT fans would gobble that up. I love the teasing cross-sell on the side; I love the headshot on the front. Everything about this box is perfect, and I wouldn't change anything.

Then you get Raphael out, and man, it took me a good 40 minutes to stop pouring over every detail in the sculpt and actually start taking pictures of it. What a fantastic design, from the lazy eye and flat top to the chains around his torso. The shell being pieced together by s piece of sewer lid and handle on his back are great, and I love the pressure gauge that attaches to his bolts in his neck. The long fingers on the swappable hands make for some great monster poses, and his lightning bolt sai are sturdy and easy to get in his hands. He stands extremely well, too, with some great articulation in the legs to help with the top-heavy nature of the figure. The greyish wash to the figure with the green turtle skin also just really pops. This is just a really cool addition to any TMNT shelf. They gave it Raph's attitude while also keeping the Frankenstein' Monster lumbering aloofness. NECA really threaded the needle here and made something that any collector can appreciate.

TMNT/Universal Monsters NECA Raphael Figure Is Early Fig Of The Year
Credit Jeremy Konrad

I have nothing at all bad to say about this figure. Go buy it. Hurry up and release the rest, NECA. You can still preorder this TMNT/Universal Monsters mash-up here. He is showing up in Target stores now.

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