Hasbro's Walmart Exclusive G1 Reissue of Transformers Leader Optimus Prime is in Stores Now

Hasbro has started to reissue some fan-favorite Transformers in their G1 looks and packaging. These have been very popular with collectors so far, even though the figures may be a tad overpriced. That being said, I have purchased every single one of them, and have not been upset with any of the purchases. Devestator, Starscream, Hot Rod, they have been a blast to play around with. The latest is Autobot leader Optimus Prime. We got our hands on one, so lets take a look.

I have to say, the Transformers line has some of the best packaging ever. That back ket art with the character power card brings back so many memories. The only complaint I have on these are that I have to open them. So, if you are a MOC collector and want a cool example of a vintage G1 Optimus Prime, this is a good pick-up.

Once you get Prime out of the box you get a sense with how well-made he is. These releases have some die cast parts, and that gives them a hefty feel. No, this does not include a trailer. That is going to be a dealbreaker for most, especially at $50, but to be honest I don't miss it. It would also be cool for MOC collectors if it was included. Me personally though, I just see this as a different release than others that have come before. It may be seen as others as cheaping out on Hasbro's part, but I can see both sides.

The transformation of Prime is super easy, and he comes with two blasters–both a new and an old style that he can properly hold. Just look at that figure, all shiny and perfect. I do wish I didn't have to apply the stickers myself, as I have bigger fingers and it can be a challenge to properly apply smaller ones. But as long as you take your time you should be good.

I guess it comes down to the trailer. If you want it in there, then do not buy this. If you don't this is a cool example of a G1 Optimus Prime figure for Transformers fans to add to their collections. I won't lie and say that the price on these figures doesn't make me scratch my head, but I feel like I get my money's worth. These are exclusively in Walmarts right now.

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