WWE Ultimate Edition Sgt. Slaughter Is A Must-Get Maggots!

WWE fans always look forward to Comic-Con week, as Mattel has graced us with some amazing exclusives in recent years. The Slim Jim Macho Man Elite, last year's Mr. T, and now the latest one are on sale now on Mattel Creations, the Ultimate Edition Sgt. Slaughter. The Ultimate Editions have been a big success for Mattel, with the added articulation points and accessories make these some of the best figures they have put out since getting the license in 2011. These figures, however, may be their crown jewel. Mattel sent us over one to show you guys and gals, so stand at attention and see why this is a must-own figure for WWE fans and maybe other collectors as well.

WWE & GI Joe Fans Will All Need This

First up, let's talk about the packaging, which is a complete home run. The figure comes in an outer box that is the same size as a normal Ultimate box, so it still fits in with your normal releases if you are a MOC collector. Key art featuring the Sarge is all over, including a bunch of his catchphrases all over the place. Once you open the outer box, the inside is a painted crowd shot that includes the Mattel WWE Design Team, which is awesome. They do a fantastic job over there, and it's cool they are recognized this way.

The packaging is modeled after the classic LJN WWE figures of the '80s, and they absolutely nailed it. The font is the same; the pose on the card, even the way Sarge is posed in the box, all screams LJN. There is even a file card on the back. Bonus points are that the cradback slides off in the back, so you don't have to ruin this gorgeous packaging to get the figure out. They even put all the accessories in a little box under his feet to complete the look, where the old LJN poster would have been. Perfection. Now I just wish they did every Ultimate Edition like this.

Once the WWE Hall of Famer is removed from the package, Sarge impresses right off the bat. The deco is based on his Hasbro mail-away figure from the '80s that were supposed to mimic the LJN figures. GI Joe fans will recognize this instantly, and he fits right in with a Joe Classified collection. He is loaded with articulation, and it is super easy to get him into his iconic poses and action poses while having a match. Tons of swappable hands and an extra head, as well as his whip, whistle, hat, and cloth fatigue jacket. The whole package comes together really well, and some of the looks you can get will send any WWE fans over the moon with joy.

WWE Ultimate Edition Sgt. Slaughter Is A Must-Get Maggots!
Sgt. Slaughter Ultimate Edition

This is a perfect release. I have no issues here, except that not everyone who wants this is going to be able to get it. He is on sale today at Mattel Creations, but you better be fast. Hopefully, by the time you read this, they are still there.

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