X-Force Deadpool Coming to European Cons As An Exclusive

X-Force Deadpool will be joining the Hulk and Luke Skywalker as they take on European conventions. X-Force Deadpool is the third figure that Hasbro has announced will be heading European conventions exclusively. This Marvel Legends Deadpool action figure it's highly detailed and articulated. The figure features Deadpool's first appearance outfit from the iconic New Mutants #98. He does get a nice variety of accessories, and including two small machine rules, a pistol, rifle and two katana swords. One of the coolest features of the figure is his utility belt, as they can sheath both of his katanas. I really dig a figure that can hold their own accessories, it makes it easier to not lose them. This is X-Force Deadpool figure is for Deadpool fans that they will definitely want to get their hands on.

The X-Force Deadpool Marvel 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends figure does not have a set release date or retail price just yet. He will be heading to U.K. and Europe conventions first and he is set for an online release here on HasbroPulse.com and a possible retailer release in other markets for November 4.

Look Ma I'm a convention exclusive.

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Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 80th Anniversary X-Force Deadpool Figure

(Hasbro/Ages 14 & up/ Suggested Retail Price: Varies/Available at select conventions in the U.K. and Europe)

Fans can celebrate the Marvel Universe with this 6-inch X-Force Deadpool figure from the Marvel Legends Series. The high-quality, realistic X-Force Deadpool figure includes the classic comics-inspired red and blue design of the smooth-moved assassin that first appeared in New Mutants #98. Includes multiple points of articulation and six at accessories including to katana swords that can be sheathed on the figures back in his utility belt. Limited quantities of this item may be available at other select conventions in the U.K. and Europe and in stores and online globally including HasbroPulse.com beginning November 4, 2019.

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