Black Cat #12 Review: A True Delight To Read

Just so you can hit the ground running: Felicia Hardy, the "world-renowned jewel thief," doing business as The Black Cat, has broken into the corporate headquarters of Stark Unlimited. Star Unlimited is the home of the billionaire superhero Iron Man), robbed him of tens of millions of dollars worth of stuff, and led him on an armor-clad chase across the skies of Manhattan and past the Statue of Liberty.

That's the first two pages.
Black Cat #12 Review: A True Delight To Read
The cover of Black Cat #12. Credit: Marvel
This action-packed issue has a whole lot going for it, including a surprising showdown with a nemesis, airborne combat that shocks Tony Stark (who really is not as smart as he should be, but that matches much of what we've seen cinematically) and a plan with more twists and turns than a race on the old Speed Racer cartoon.
Writer Jed McKay turns in a script that's absolutely amazing, making a story with stakes and thrills that's still breezy and enjoyable. If you ever saw the show Burn Notice, the kind of playful narration the title character provides is very close to Michael Westen's sardonic statements (that's a very good thing). The sweeping visuals from C.F. Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado provide whiplash-quick aerial spectacle as the Black Cat teaches Iron Man a thing or two. Reber's colors do great things in bright daylight and dim interiors alike. The visuals here are very engaging and very effective.
Nothing went wrong in this issue, and it's a true delight to read. RATING: BUY.
Jed McKay, Carlos Villa, J. Scott Campbell
Well, she did it this time. Black Cat stole an Iron Man armor from Iron Man, and he is NOT pleased. So she is on the run (fly, really) from Iron Man through Manhattan but also still on the run from the Thieves Guild. So it's tough being Felicia Hardy right now. And it's possible the armor wasn't what she was stealing from Iron Man. Uh-oh.

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