DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, and a subsidiary of Warner Bros. since 1967. Popular characters published by the company include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg and Supergirl. Popular DC Comics teams include Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, and Watchmen.

Former US Army Cavalry Officer and pulp writer Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the precursor to the company we now know as DC Comics, National Allied Publications in autumn 1934. His first comic book, the tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 was cover dated February 1935 .

Detective Comics, a detective-themed anthology series, debuted with a March 1937 cover date, and would introduce Batman to the world with Detective Comics #27, cover-dated May 1939.  The initials "D.C." in DC Comics come from the title Detective Comics.

The publisher would release its most important issue ever with Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938, and the comic book that introduced Superman to the world.

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros, the publisher's characters and teams have been the subject of numerous tv series, films, and games.

Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight #1 featuring Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Night from Panini UK and DC Comics.

Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight Published on UK Newsstand

This week has seen Panini, the European comic book publisher and licensor, put out a new Batman comic book, Batman: Tales Of The Dark Knight, with the first issue reprinting the first chapter of Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight as well as Peter Tomasi, Jaime Mendoza and Doug Mahnke's Mythology from Detective Comics #994. […]


Batman #92 Sees Gotham On Lock Down And No One Able To Leave The House

I'm not entirely sure how but I appear to have found myself with copies of Batman #92, out this week digitally (and maybe more) and of Batman #93, the final chapters of the first James Tynion Batman arc Dark Designs, and kicking off the subsequent Joker War. Now, I know Bleeding Cool is famous for […]


DC Comics Decisions Spark Retailer Concern Over Coronavirus Plans

While a number of comic book publishers have announced they are suspending or restricting publication, physically and digitally, DC Comics announced last night that they are going to use multiple distribution options to get their comic books out in the world. physically and digitally. Which means a new printer, new distributors, venues that are still […]


DC Comics on Digital Disruption of Distribution in Coronavirus Shutdown

Last night, as comics publisher DC Comics' statement to retailers regarding their plans for publishing comic books during the coronavirus shutdown was sent to a number of media organisations, Bleeding Cool was able to confirm that DC Comics would be publishing a select number of titles digitally this Wednesday as well.  This move has caused […]


Batman #92, Empyre #0 Lead Scheduled Releases This Week on ComiXology

Batman #92, Empyre #0: Avengers and Empyre #0: Fantastic Four lead the list of scheduled releases this week on Comixology. Bleeding Cool has taken a look at all the titles that the major comic book publishers still have scheduled on ComiXology for release this coming Wednesday, April 1st. While a number of publishers have pulled […]

Comic Book Publisher Artist drawing comic art

Comprehensive Rundown of Every Comic Book Publisher's Current Status

It's been a hectic month full of announcements from comic book publishers reacting to the rapidly-changing business conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. We've been keeping you informed about current matters within the industry here at Bleeding Cool, as every comic book publisher in the business assesses how to navigate these unprecedented conditions. Here's a […]

DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo

DC Publish Selection of Digital Comics, Wednesday April 1st

Bleeding Cool just ran DC's statement to comic book retailers, confirming that they will be seeking alternative distribution (and presumably printing as well) during the current coronavirus pandemic shutdown that has seen Diamond Comic Distributors close, their printers Transcontinental close and thousands of comic book stores and bookstores close. As well as getting certain comics […]

DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo

DC Comics Will Use Other Distribution Methods To Get Comics to Stores

Since the Diamond Comic Distributor shutdown and the closure of DC's printer Transcontinental in Canada, there has been much discussion wondering what DC and Marvel Comics would be doing, regarding comic books published this coming week. A number of publishers have declared they will suspend publication, print and digital, while many comic stores are also […]

hellblazer nhs

John Constantine Praises the NHS in the Next Issue of Hellblazer

This week saw a most excellent issue of John Constantine: Hellblazer #5 from Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara. It's an excellent issue that, due to coronavirus greatly impacting all aspects of comic distribution, many stores in Britain get copies of.  As Britain celebrated the work of doctors, nurses and other staff of the NHS with […]

Gotham High | Official Trailer

Melissa de la Cruz's Gotham High Graphic Novel Gets a Trailer

Gotham High, the young adult graphic novel by Melissa de la Cruz and Thomas Pitilli, is set to hit stores in April, and it aims to give young adults exactly what they want: a love triangle between high school versions of Batman, the Joker, and Catwoman. Gotham High Written by Melissa de la Cruz Illustrated […]

dc omnibus

DC Comics Omnibuses And Absolutes For 2020/2021

A few looks at a few DC Comics bigger books scheduled towards the end of the year – and into the following one. Phantom Stranger Omnibus January 5, 2021 Collects The Phantom Stranger #1-6 (1952) and The Phantom Stranger #1-41 (1969). Also collects stories from The Saga of the Swamp Thing #1-13; Who's Who: The […]

dan didio

Dan DiDio, Stocking Up On Essentials During Coronavirus Pandemic

Man, when the bosses at DC Comics see this, they are totally going to fire him. Oh wait… anyway, former DC publisher Dan DiDio has been posting up a storm on social media about bagging up his comics collection in his Californian home during the coronavirus pandemic. But what happens when you run out of […]

Spawn 306D

Batman, Nightwing, Robin & Spawn … The Back Order List 3/18/2020

Every week your Local Comic Book shop gets in the weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell our fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and let Diamond know they need more.  […]

jim lee

Will Marvel and DC Give Comics Its Big Crossover? #PleaseMarvelDC

As Bleeding Cool told you, there have indeed been initial high-level talks between Warners and Disney about approving some kind of Marvel/DC joint comics project to come out of the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic, but these are in only the very early stages. I have also heard rumours that we may see a […]


What Marvel And DC Are Saying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Yesterday both DC and Marvel Comics freelancers received e-mails from their respective editors-in-chief, Bob Harras and C.B. Cebulski telling them that it was, basically business as usual. Reassuring them that they should keep creating comics, they would keep getting paid and basically not to worry what other people are saying, but to keep their heads […]

jld (2)

Justice League Dark's Best 80s Swamp Thing Impression (#21 Spoilers)

Yesterday's Justice League Dark saw Ram V andAlvaro Martinez Bueno do their best Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, John Totleben and Steve Bissette-channelling moments, with Swamp Thing and Abigail Holland looking oh-so-very familiar (though he does seem to have lost his Alan Moore lookalike-beard) But it's not the only such familiar such faces with John Constantine and […]


DC Offers Online "Kids Camp" for Coronavirus Shut-ins

DC Comics is offering relief to children stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic… and perhaps more importantly, to parents stuck inside with them. DC has launched DC Kids Camp, an online program of activities, videos, and comics for kids to enjoy online while parents do their best to work from home amidst the constant […]

legion of super-heroes 4 (1)

Brian Bendis Sets Up 5G, Crisis, Doomsday Clock in Legion #5 (Spoilers)

Oh had you forgotten all about 5G? Well, maybe in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, DC Comics has as well. But plenty of plans were already in place and have been moving forward. Including it seems, today's Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 by Brian Bendis and Ryan Sook. Now, those keen readers of Bleeding Cool's […]


Al Ewing Calls Out Garth Ennis Over Teased Return of Superman's Mullet

Should Superman return to rocking a mullet? That's the question posed by Superman's official Twitter account, which teased that the Man of Steel is thinking of growing out his hair to the classic 1990s look. Thinking of growing the hair out again 👊 pic.twitter.com/hRD95hlC6C — Superman (@DCSuperman) March 24, 2020 But writer Tom Taylor quickly […]


The State of the Comics Industry Under Coronavirus – On Tuesday

I have been writing this article for almost twenty-four hours. Been talking to senior comic book industry figure after another. The problem is, the second I get a hold of what might actually be going on, the situation changes from under me. But everyone is agreeing that this current coronavirus pandemic, and the reaction to […]