Deflated By Issue #10 Of They're Not Like Us

I can't believe we've already arrived at the tenth issue of They're Not Like Us, from Image Comics, written by Eric Stephenson, with art by Simon Gane. Normally, I'm quite satisfied after reading a new issue of They're Not Like Us, but something is falling flat for me. I described issues #8 and #9 as build up issues, but I'm feeling pretty deflated that #10 was also a build up issue. Either that, or the story has lost its intensity level. It's not enough to throw mystery people into the mix and have that be the only exciting thing that's happening. At least the last issue had a bit more action, but this issue consists of a lot of talking. Perhaps too much talking.

I will say that Simon Gane's art continues to be beautiful. He could probably draw these characters doing anything and I would still appreciate the level of detail he puts into it. Because I've been with the series since the first issue, and have been impressed time and time again, I'm going to give Stephenson this one. He's laying building blocks, but hopefully the climax is coming. I think it's about time something incredibly explosive happens in They're Not Like Us, or this ARC is going to be a disappointing one. I haven't lost hope yet, and you shouldn't either. Good stories take time to develop. I guess I feel deflated because the first ARC really gripped my attention and had me glued to the pages with every new issue. I have faith that things will pick up again, so don't give up just yet! Pick up They're Not Like Us #10, and let me know what you think.


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