Desperately Seeking Cresselia – The Daily LITG, 12th September 2020

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Desperately Seeking Cresselia - The Daily LITG, 12th September 2020
Desperately Seeking Cresselia – The Daily LITG, 12th September 2020

Cresselia, Supernatural, Poison Ivy and the ten most-read stories yesterday…

What you were reading yesterday, the numbers don't lie. And Poison Ivy is back in a very new way.

  1. Cresselia Raid Guide: Catch A Shiny Moon Goddess In Pokémon GO
  2. Supernatural: Jensen Ackles' Adopting Baby; Jared Padalecki Got His
  3. DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: A New Name for Poison Ivy
  4. The Venture Bros. Canceled by Network That Wants More Venture Bros?
  5. Animal Kingdom: Shawn Hatosy Promises "We Will Be Back" for Season 5
  6. Mark Waid Back At DC Comics – Is He Coming To Superman?
  7. Friday the 13th Will Return to Theaters This October
  8. Batman Beyond Cancelled, Aquaman Endless Winter, DC December Solicits
  9. *That* Milo Manara Spider-Woman Original Cover Art Up For Auction
  10. Venom Becomes a Nightmare With New Iron Man Hot Toys Figure

ICYMI: five more you may prefer from yesterday

As DC Fandome approaches, what is it with Hank McCoy?

  1. Brian Bendis Superman Run Comes to A End In December
  2. Children Of The Atom Rescheduled For January, Off The Marvel MIA List
  3. DC Comics Runs #BlackLivesMatter Messaging – Will It Go Further?
  4. DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: A New Batvillain In The James Tynion IV Style
  5. The Goon #1 Sets Modern Day Comic Record, Sells For $28,800

One year ago, Red Robin went Drake on us.

So what did happen to the Masked Raider?

  1. The New Codename for Red Robin in Today's Young Justice #8, Revealed – But Makes No Sense (Spoilers)
  2. The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To "Marvel Future Fight"
  3. A Return to One More Day in Amazing Spider-Man #29 (Spoilers)
  4. Working Out The Blind Items Of Mr Sinister's Gossip Column in Powers Of X #4 (Spoilers)
  5. Marvel's Incoming Super-Mega-Crossover Event Features Two X-Men Who Just "Died" [Spoilers?]
  6. Forbidden Planet Comic Stores in the UK Get Actual Dark Crystal Puppet Window Displays
  7. Superman Dons His Black Suit for Pricey Prime 1 Studios Statue
  8. Seven Heroes Marvel Should Brutally Murder for Incoming
  9. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 14: "The Bird" Dee Reynolds
  10. Batarang Therapy – Spoilers For Batman #77 and Event Leviathan #4
  11. Every Possible Absolute Carnage Mention We Can Find Today – From King Thor to Silver Surfer to Powers Of X? (Spoilers)
  12. Captain Marvel #10 Reveals All About Star… (Spoilers)
  13. Miles Morales: Spider-Man Doesn't Remember the Ultimate Universe Again in #10 – But Is Starting To… (Spoilers)
  14. Is Today's Invaders #9 the First Marvel Comics Tie-In With HOXPOX?
  15. Marvel to Follow Conan With Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane and Red Sonja-Esque Dark Agnes
  16. "Dungeons & Dragons": Joe Manganiello Credits "Stranger Things" Helping Loosen Stigma for Game
  17. Apex Lex vs The Batman Who Laughs For DC's Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen
  18. Rewriting the Rules of Marvel Time in Loki #3 (Spoilers)
  19. This is What ComiXology Support's Twitter Looks Like When The Comics Are Late

Two years ago, Nightwing lost his Dick.

And much hilarity ensued.

  1. Nightwing To Lose His Dick
  2. Benjamin Percy Off Nightwing Already? 
  3. Marvel Teases an Important New Mutant Debut for X-Men Black: Mojo
  4. Shane Black on Why [SPOILER] Isn't in This 'The Predator' Film
  5. The Nun Review: Valak Deserved More Than This

What's happening today

Plenty of comic book events happening online as a handful return to going offline.

Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Chip Kidd, comic book designer and Batmanologist.
  • Comic artist and illustrator Jude Vigants
  • Aaron Haaland, owner of A Comic Shop and Geekeasy in Orlando, Florida.
  • Comic book artist J.C. Grande, of Red Knight, Unnecessary Evil, Turkey Grove Farms and Shy.
  • Vito Lapiccola, director of Comics On Comics.
  • Founder of Sequential app, Russell Willis.
  • Michael D'Alessio of Atlantic City Broadway Con.

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