Emma Frost Reveals Sebastian Shaw Cuckspiracy in Marauders #17 [XH]

Happy MLK Day, everyone! Marvel put out three X-books last week, and we're gonna recap them as usual. Like Dr. King, I too have a dream– a dream that Marvel will one day give Chris Claremont an ongoing series. That dream has yet to come true, but they did put out a Chris Claremont Anniversary Special last week. There are also two other X-Books, Marauders #17 and a god damn King in Black crossover in SWORD #2. In three articles, they shall all be recapped. Read on.

Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The Uncanny X-Men suffered great indignities. Still, thanks to a corporate merger, a line-wide relaunch, and Jonathan Hickman's giant ego, the X-Men can finally get back to doing what they do best: being objectively the best franchise in all of comics for lovers of soap opera drama.

Emma Frost Reveals Sebastian Shaw Cuckspiracy in Marauders #17 [XH]


The cover to Marauders #17
The cover to Marauders #17

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Matteo Lolli (CA) Russell Dauterman
Storm versus Calisto. This time, it's personal.
Rated T+
In Shops: Jan 13, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Marauders #17 Recap

Set "not long ago," in revenge for the murder of Kate Pryde, Emma Frost orders the killing of Shinobi Shaw in retaliation. Calisto finds him in the Tiki bar drinking with Christian Frost. Emma reads his mind and finds out he didn't know about what Sebastian Shaw did. She lets him go.

In the present, Storm is considering leaving (The Marauders? Krakoa?). Before she goes, Calisto wants Storm to face her in the Crucible so she can get her powers back, but Storm isn't into it.

Emma Frost arranges a dinner party for the Hellfire Trading Company on the island o Mykines, where she previously had Magneto build her a giant fortress. She hints that Harry Leland might be Shinobi's real daddy and promises to introduce them if he's ever resurrected. The real story here though is the old sailor manning the lighthouse hitting on Jumbo Carnation.

Marauders #17 [XH]

In Madropoor, Kate Pryde visits the people who took care of Lockheed after Kate was killed and Lockheed injured. Kate gives them a bag of money and promises to try to solve a local housing ordinance issue for them.

On Krakoa, Storm shows up to face Calisto in The Crucible after all. She kills Calisto relatively gently by electrocuting her heart while punching her, and Calisto is properly resurrected. Now, her mission complete both in this and in helping Kate and establishing Krakoa, it looks like Storm is ready to move on.

An X-Desk memo reveals Hellfire has been buying up land in Madripoor to combat Verendi. The X-Desk is invited to Emma's dinner party. At Verendis headquarters, Kate Pryde visits them. She asks them to stop messing with the people of Lowtown. They refuse, so she gives them an invitation to Emma's dinner party.

It's very interesting to see Storm as the first mutant to potentially leave Krakoa. Certainly, she's one whose strong morals I would have thought would have led her to be opposed to a lot of what's going on with Krakoa, but she's seemed to be totally on board. The idea that she's been doing it to help her friends, particularly Kate, makes sense. I'm interested in seeing where that goes, and a special shoutout to this latest chapter in her relationship with Calisto too. I also enjoy all the Hellfire intrigue, and it's fun to see Emma continue to punish Sebastian Shaw. Paralyzing him wasn't enough; she had to make him a cuck too. Brutal.

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Emma Frost Reveals Sebastian Shaw Cuckspiracy in Marauders #17 [XH]

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