Iron Fist #74 Review: Aww, Sabretooth Does Care!

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Upon searching his grave, Sabretooth and Iron Fist learn that the Constrictor is indeed still dead. This means that the Constrictor that stole the Book of the Iron Fist is someone who took the costume and identity. To learn who, the two go to the Bar with No Name, a notorious hideout for lowlifes and losers.

Meanwhile, this new Constrictor works to get more money from Choshin and his cadre for the Book of the Iron Fist. Choshin doesn't take too kindly to this, but the Constrictor has a trump card. Despite this, Choshin plans retaliation.

Iron Fist #74 cover by Jeff Dekal
Iron Fist #74 cover by Jeff Dekal

Iron Fist #74 continues strongly from its Marvel Legacy return of Sabretooth. It has more entertaining dialogue between Danny and Sabretooth. There is more brawling, this time between the aforementioned two and the patrons of the Bar with No Name. Choshin continues to get more characterization and is shaping up to be a memorable Iron Fist rogue. The new Constrictor is looking to be as delightfully slimy as the previous one.

The throw down in the Bar with No Name is pretty fun too, as no one in the bar stands a chance against Danny and Victor. It also features a brief conversation with Tarantula, whom I've not seen in forever. It was nice to see a nice return of the Spanish poison spike-toed man.

It's also kind of sweet and humanizing to know that Sabretooth actually had a lot of respect for his old partner, Constrictor. Victor has always been one of Marvel's best rogues, and Ed Brisson does him justice here.

Iron Fist #74 art by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy
Iron Fist #74 art by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy

I could continue to praise the art of Mike Perkins and Andy Troy here—and I will. Mike Perkins' work is so dynamic, expressive, and kinetic. He makes each hero look imposing and intimidating. The fight scenes look great. Troy's color work is atmospheric and plays with gradients very well.

Iron Fist is easily among the best comics being put out by the comic at the moment. It's a great action-heavy martial arts title with a lovable protagonist and enjoyable plots. This one continues to be highly recommended. You should be reading it.

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