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NYCC '15: Comixology: Ask Me Anything Panel Offers Advice On Getting Things Published And The Possibility Of Animated Comics


Sofia Annunziata writes for Bleeding Cool

Though I was somewhat late for the Comixology: Ask Me Anything panel, I did manage to catch most of it and found it really interesting. The panel was moderated by Chip Mosher, Comixology's VP of Communications and Marketing, and also included David Steinberger (CEO and Co-Founder) and John D. Roberts (Director of Submit and Co- Founder). When I walked in they were speaking about the quality of digital comics and how to make yours look good. Starting with fonts: Never use Comic Sans, because while we all might love to hate this font, it just looks unprofessional. They also stated that getting an editor to go through and read your comic, and correct anything before you submit is an investment that pays for itself in the end. As far as graphics go for digital comics, high resolution is the way to go, so that should you want to print, the graphics aren't grainy, blurry or pixelated. This also come in handy should you need to blow up an image for a print, t-shirt or something of the like.

It was then inquired during a Q&A, whether or not Comixology planned on offering animated comics to their readers. David Steinberger said that he found watching comics to be inactive, being that you are just observing what is going on (not manually turning the page etc.) and you might as well be watching a movie. He did mention that Comixology does offer guided view comics, where you can pan through one large image. While Comixology does not offer animated or audio assisted comics, there are apps like Operation Ajax by Cognito Comics that do offer these things.

Comixology has roughly 5,000 books that you cannot find in print, many are self-published comics from indie writers and other comics enthusiasts, but they also have over 1,000 not printed comics from Image Comics alone. They also spoke about being able to submit comics to Comixology in multiple languages, with or without translation, as well. They advised though, that if you have 7 issues in English, then you should also have 7 issues in the translated language. Comixology has worked with the Franco-Belgian publishing company Delcourt and offer the English version of their comic called Bandes Dessinees (the French and German equivalent of Manga)

The overall point made was that Comixology offers a wide and diverse selection of comics, that are easy to manage and access (especially on the go), and is a good way for new readers to keep track of the admittedly confusing array of titles and story arcs.

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