Let's Take a Look at Funko's 90th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Figures

Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday, and Funko is joining in with all kinds of products. One of those is a line of vinyl mini-figures. There are 12 figures in all, and each case of them includes one of each. These have been insanely hard to track down, as stores have had to restock due to demand on a few versions of Mickey. The two most sought-after? Steamboat Willie and Sorcerer Mickey. I lucked out and found both in a fresh case, so let's take a look and I will tell you why if you buy these, you better leave them in the box.

What a box it is. A mouse ears shape window shows off the figures well, and the logo with Mickey Mouse on the side is fantastic. The back shows off all 12 available figures, they are as follows: Sorcerer Mickey, Steamboat Willie, Conductor Mickey, Mickey Mouse, Band Concert Mickey, Prince Mickey, Explorer Mickey, Three Musketeer Mickey, Brave Little Tailor Mickey, The pauper Mickey, an Band Leader Mickey. Each is held in place in the box by a red plastic tray as well, with felt on it. More on this later.

This is where the fun ends for these.

as you can see, there are tons of QC issues with these when you open them. First of all, be very careful when removing them from the trays. Not only do pieces catch, the felt rubs off on the figures leaving red all over them. That made me pretty upset when I opened Steamboat Willie. The figure didn't have a chance, even taking every precaution, the tail came right off and the wheel was flimsy. While taking these photos, and noticing the left leg looked flimsy, it came off in my hand. Sorcerer Mickey had issues as well. His head looks split in half like he is wearing an eye mask. For 410, these should be way better quality, thats the price of a Funko Pop.

these are not good. Mickey Mouse fans: buy these at your own peril. I have never really had these kinds of QC problems with a Funko product before, but after talking to a couple others who opened these, its not just me. If keeping them in box, you are good to go. If not, stay away.

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