SDCC '15: DC Collectables Panel Report – All The Upcoming Figures

Hey there Pals and Gals!  It's your old friend Will Romine at his first panel of SDCC 2015.   I'm reporting from the DC Collectables panel and boy, is there a whole trainload of fun pulling into the station.
Joining us on the panel are Marguerite Bennett (Writer of the new DC Bombshells book), Lee Bermejo (Artist on the DC Comics Designer Series), legendary Paul Dini (you owe your childhood to this man), Jim Fletcher (Creative Director- DCE Creative Services), Irene Matar (Sculptor of the Batman: The Animated Series Line), and Brian Walters (Art Director of DCE Creative Services). Leading this 3-ring circus is my pal Kevin Kiniry (VP of DCE Creative Services and he remembered my name from when I covered this panel last year).
IMG_0062 (1)
First up is the Icon line. This new series of figures covers DC characters from different eras and captures their "iconic" look, if you will.  What makes this line exciting is that they are all six inch figures (that's 1:12 scale for you math buffs out there. a scale rarely seen with non specialty figures) and they don't skimp on accessories.  Hal Jordan will come with a massive ring-construct exoskeleton, Atomica comes with Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi as accessories, Deadman comes with a translucent head to possess other figures (see below), and Barry Allen comes with a cosmic treadmill.
Next up is the DC Bombshells line.  This line reimagines the heroines and villainesses of the DCU as 40's pinup queens.  The first line saw a great deal of success and Wave Two will bring Cheetah and Killer Frost into the mix.
This line will also see a digital-first series, helmed by Marguerite Bennet. Each of the main characters in this line will star in their own story based on the propaganda, serials, and newsreel aesthetics of the 1940's.
The designer lines are perhaps the tastiest of today's offerings.  This line captures the artistic styles of various artists, such as…
Darwyn Cooke
Lee Bermejo
and of course, Mr. Greg Capullo
The panelists then took a back seat for the Batman: The Animated Series figure line commercial.
Then went on to showcase the next wave in this line.
Etrigan comes with Jason Blood as an accessory.
This line received some bad press when first released. The figures, when transposed from the original character sheets, did not hold up in 3D form.  Female characters, especially Poison Ivy, had teeny tiny ankles that could not support their impossible large heads. DC Collectables listened and will be re-releasing these characters so they can, you know, actually stand.
All in all, a good panel. They even gave me a Batman: Black and White figure for being such a cool guy. I'll be putting up articles all week, so be sure to follow me @notacomplainer.

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