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Separated At Birth: Mister Miracle #5 and Hawkeye

Those of you who were reading comic books in 2012 may recognise this scene from an issue of Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja, Clint Barton's modesty maintained (in this way if in no way else) by his face, as seen in Marvel's front cover corner boxes on West Coast Avengers. As a visual, it […]

Swipe File: Chris Riddell Vs John Lewis Christmas TV Ad

We mentioned the oddly specific success that the Christmas TV ad for the John Lewis chain has had, and its effect on people flipping night lights on eBay.  But one cartoonist has seen a very different side of the story. Chris Riddel is the author of Mr Underbed, published several years ago, which looks very, very familiar. […]


Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina Vs Daniel Bel Over Magneto

There have been a couple of recent Separated At Birth articles regarding Italian comic book artist Francesco Mattina, and they have all so far revolved around his Venomized variant covers for Marvel. A comparison of his work and previous work of Ian McDonald: A comparison of his work and previous work of Lee JeeHyung. And […]

red skull

Swipe File: Mars Chocolates Vs. Marvel's Biggest Nazi, The Red Skull

Mars Chocolates puts out plenty of products for Halloween — 'tis the season, after all — perfect for filling candy baskets come the big night. And everything gets a little Halloween makeover, too. Such as purple vampires… Orange scarecrows… And Red… Skulls? Sadly, this is not an official Marvel licensed product. But for Marvel fans, […]

Separated At Birth: Handbook For Mortals And The Knife Thrower…

In 1988, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who would be later known as the band KLF published The Manual, a low print run guide on how to game the UK music industry without any musical skill, prowess, any music industry contacts or even industry experience to get a no 1 single in the UK charts […]

Separated At Birth: Cliff Chiang's #DCMetal Variant And Heavy Metal (The Movie)?

Scott Snyder revealed a Cliff Chiang variant cover for Dark Nights: Metal, Snyder's super-mega-crossover event with Greg Capullo from DC Comics. A favorite variant for #DCMetal #1 by pal @cliffchiang – #1 comes out out August 16. pic.twitter.com/2bvluyxEtM — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) August 4, 2017 Prompting one follower to ask: This is an homage to […]

Separated At Birth: Lovecraft And Tesla… And Elsewhere?

Herald: Lovecraft And Tesla is a comic by John Reilly and Tom Rogers with Dexter Weeks, published by Action Lab, Teaming up, well, HP Lovecraft and Tesla. Telsa is fighting to rescue his girlfriend Amelia Earhart and bring her back from a pocket dimension into which she crashlanded called the Elsewhere. As you do. You […]

Separated At Birth: Mattina Vs MacDonald Over Venom And Phoenix

This is the Venomized Phoenix cover by Francesco Mattina, an exclusive variant for Unknown Comics, for Jean Grey #1 out this month. It features a Dark Phoenix who has been taken over by the Venom symbiote, as part of a series of promotional Venom variant covers alongside the release of Venom #150. And here is […]

Swipe File: Emmanuel Macron, Albert Uderzo And Asterix

From Albert Uderzo, co-creator of Asterix. And from me, for Guido Fawkes, this morning. Guilty as charged… In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox. We trust you, the reader, to make that judgment […]

Separated At Birth – Moonstruck And Brave Chef Brianna?

Call it the zeitgeist. Call it idea space. Call it parallel evolution. But the comic industry has history of simultaneous similar creation, the British and the American Dennis The Menace, Swamp Thing and Man-Thing, Doom Patrol and X-Men, Kim & Kim and Bounty… And now we seem to have the new Image series, Moonstruck announced in […]

Separated At Birth? Hydra Superior Octopus and Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

Amazing Spider-Man #25 recently gave us a new, rejuvenated Otto Octavius. Using a proto-clone body, stabilised using his own science, and transferring his own consciousness into it, Doctor Octopus gained new life as a newly empowered form, even down to his very own 'octopus sense'. And he also has a new power base – in […]

Swipe File: Red Hood And The Outlaws

A week after Asaad uses chemical weapons on Syrians… Red Hood And The Outlaws features a Middle Eastern dictator unleashing a mysterious Weapon of Mass Destruction on his people. The USA hits Syria with 59 missiles. DC Comics sends three also-rans instead. But they seem to take about as much notice of international protocols. And Bizarro has […]