12 Inch Marvel Legends Hulk And Thor Put Our Minds At Ease

With Toyfair in New York coming up next weekend, there is a lot of action figure news coming from every direction. Hasbro has been showing off some of their Marvel offerings, and today saw a surprising one. Last year, they revealed that they were going to expand their Marvel Legends brand to 12 inch articulated figures. They started off with Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. These figures came with interchangeable heads, accessories, and have pretty awesome sculpts to boot. I got all three myself, and proudly have them on top of my Marvel display in my collection.

But then word got out that they may not be selling so great. After initial shipments were hard to come by, shelves started overflowing with them. Some places like Walmart started clearing them off shelves at deeply slashed prices, with Amazon also offering deep discounts as well. I myself got Iron Man for less than $25, over 50% off. The announced Deadpool has not been seen in stores yet, and as a fan of the line, no new announcements had me nervous the line might just die off.

Well, today my worries are gone for now. Hasbro has revealed new 12 inch versions of The Hulk and Thor.

Hulk as a character lends himself to this scale of figure, and the sculpt here looks amazing. I can't imagine what accessories he could come with, but he has two swappable heads with a more modern head and a classic mop-top head.

Thor comes with both a bearded head and a regular no-beard head. Of course Mjolnir is there as well, as to be expected.

Both of these guys should be a touch bigger than the others for scale, but that info has not been released yet. Look for more info on them at Toyfair next week.

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