2020 Tabletop Gaming "Origins Awards" Nominees Announced!

At GAMA 2020, the Game Manufacturer's Association's invite-only trade show, members of GAMA voted on the nominees for the 2020 Origins Awards, which promote and award tabletop gaming excellence.

2020 Gaming "Origins Awards" Nominees Announced!
Source: Origins Game Fair

Some of these nominees are familiar to many of you (and some of them I'd even covered on this very site!), while others are definitely a bit less so (which only means I'll have to pay a bit more attention to them).

From the press release on the Origins Game Fair website:

The annual Origins Awards reward excellence in game design. Products eligible for the 2020 Awards cycle must have been released to the public between November 15, 2018 and November 14, 2019. The following titles were selected by a jury of 40 hobby games industry professionals as the most deserving in their respective categories.

Nominees will be on display and available for demo during Origins Game Fair from June 17-21 in Columbus, OH.

Three types of awards will be presented during the Origins Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 20 at 8pm: Category Winners, Fan Favorite, and Game of the Year. The Academy of Adventure Gaming and Arts will choose the ultimate winner of each category. Origins attendees will vote upon the Fan Favorite of each category through the official Origins Game Fair mobile app during the show. GAMA members will vote upon the Game of the Year via a digital survey.

The nominees in each category are as follows:

Board Games

Card Games

Collectible Games

Yes, that's the only one in its category! I bet they'll win.

Digitally-Adapted Games

Family-Oriented Games

  • ClipCut Parks | Renegade Game Studios | Shaun Graham, Scott Huntington

  • Code Stack! | AMIGO Games | Heinz Meister

  • Dirty Pig | North Star Games | Frank Bebenroth

  • Draftosaurus | Ankama Boardgames / Luma Imports | Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, Théo Rivière

  • Finger Guns at High Noon | Indie Boards and Cards | John Velgus

Game Accessories

Historical Games

Historical Miniature Games

Yes, Osprey Games has stake in both games in the Historical Games category. It's like two actors from the same film being nominated for the same Academy Award… Only nobody else is viable for that award. Cool!

Miniature Games

Right here we see two games I've covered – Gaslands: Refuelled and Warcry – and I'm pleased that they're both there. Fine games indeed!

Role-Playing Games

And there you have it, folks – this is the gamut of the nominees for 2020's Origins Awards. Here's hoping that this award ceremony (which will be hosted in July, at this juncture) is not cancelled due to COVID-19 or its repercussions.

What do you think? Are these games all worth their salt? Do you project one company to take more awards home than another? Let us know!

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