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Opinion: On The Nature Of Emotes In Magic: The Gathering: Arena

Opinion: On The Nature Of Emotes In Magic: The Gathering: Arena

Hello there, loyal readers! Today we will be discussing the nature and etiquette of emotes in Magic: The Gathering: Arena, Wizards of the Coast's online interface for Magic: The Gathering play. I'd like to begin with a disclaimer that none of these opinions reflect any entity bigger than myself – they aren't the opinions of Bleeding Cool, […]

Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Talks About Ikoria Complexity

Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Talks About Ikoria Complexity

Wizards of the Coast's Head Designer for their acclaimed trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, has made a statement regarding the complexity of their newest set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Mark Rosewater, head of design for Magic's Research and Development team, has openly admitted that Ikoria has been an experiment on determining just how high of a capacity players, both […]

Wizards of the Coast Releases May's "State of Arena" Address

Wizards Of The Coast Releases MTG's May State Of Arena Address

Wizards of the Coast, creator of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, has released their notes on Magic: The Gathering: Arena, the game's online interface, for May. Their article includes not only notes on reception and bug reports but also serves as an official slew of announcements for new and continuing events such as Brawlers' […]

A Vial Smasher, the Fierce Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering

A Vial Smasher, The Fierce Deck Tech For Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering's new concept of a Companion creature is an interesting one to consider, especially in the context of the Commander format. There are ten Companions, each of a distinct color combination and each lending itself to a certain archetype. Between Lurrus of the Dream-Den and Lutri, the Spellchaser, though, it's not exactly clear […]

"Bontu the Glorified" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

Magic: The Gathering Establishes Drastic Bans In Eternal And Brawl

Wizards of the Coast, the creator of world-renowned card game Magic: The Gathering, tends to design and develop their Magic cards with very few oversights. Most of their sets are relatively tame in a general sense, save for the occasional uptick in power creep here and there. However, every once in a blue moon a card […]

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Magic: The Gathering Finally Releases Physical Ikoria Cards

After what felt like a very long month's wait due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wizards of the Coast has finally released their newest Magic: The Gathering set in a physical form. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths can now be found in stores in North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, either in local gaming […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ranked As Most Popular Game On eBay

At a selling rate of one item per minute, Magic: The Gathering has been ranked as the number one most popular game sold on eBay. For this reason, eBay has decided to partner with ABUGames, a popular site for grading and selling single cards, to auction off Magic cards from the earliest sets in the game's history. […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Limited Top Five Picks For Multicolor

Hello, Magic: The Gathering players! This is the sixth and final installment of our review of the top cards in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Limited. Before this, we have gone through all five colors in Magic and done so in a top ten capacity. However, this time we are only able to do a top five. This is […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Limited Top Ten Picks For Green

Over here at Bleeding Cool, we have been writing down our top ten picks for cards in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Limited, by color. About two weeks ago, we did writeups for white and for blue, and this week, so far we have written about black and red. Today, we will be going over green common and uncommon […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Limited Top Ten Picks For Red

Here at Bleeding Cool, we have compiled our rankings for the top ten best red cards in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths for Limited. Yesterday we went over black cards after having gone over white and blue not even two weeks prior, and now it's time for us to turn up the heat! #10. Raking Claws Raking Claws […]

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A Deck Tech for Zaxara, the Exemplary, for Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering may have a large number of humans at the forefront of most conflicts in the game, but by no means is the game mundane. We recently went over a deck tech for a tribal Humans Commander deck, led by Jirina Kudro. Now, we get a chance to look into the monstrous beings […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Top Ten Limited Picks for Black

We here at Bleeding Cool have written our top ten picks for the best black common and uncommon cards in the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Limited environment for Magic: The Gathering. Not even two weeks ago, we went over our picks for the ten best commons and uncommon in white and in blue, and today, we go […]

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A Commander Deck Tech For Jirina Kudro, For Magic: The Gathering

One of the most prolific and populous creature types in Magic: The Gathering is also one of its least magical, as chances have it. Humans: You either love them and relate to them as a tribe, or you hate playing against them with a passion. Modern and Pioneer decks have been built en masse in order […]

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Magic: The Gathering Releasing Secret Lair: Godzilla Lands

Magic: The Gathering players and fans of the Godzilla, rejoice once more! Wizards Of The Coast has announced the release of a new Secret Lair drop series: Godzilla Lands, and we here at Bleeding Cool couldn't be more excited to write about this! Each of the five land cards in this release is a basic land that […]

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Magic: The Gathering Bans Flash In Commander Format

Competitive Commander players rejoice! The Rules Committee has decided to ban Flash from the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering, after much deliberation and input from their advisory group. This decision comes after the printing of Thassa's Oracle made competitive EDH (short for Elder Dragon Highlander, another name for the format) untenable for a good many […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Top Ten Limited Picks for Blue

Greetings, Magic: The Gathering players! As you may have heard by now, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths has been released on Magic: The Gathering: Arena, and with it, player-versus-player drafts! So, naturally, we here at Bleeding Cool have compiled a whole bunch of  Top Ten lists for the best cards in Ikoria Limited, color by color. We've already gone over […]

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Limited Picks For White

Magic: The Gathering has always been a game where the power levels of colors in the game fluctuates with every new set to come out. There have been times where green has been weak, and white has been amazing (and don't even get us started on blue). Generally, with each set to come out, there's […]


Player Draft Coming To Magic: The Gathering Arena

For about as long as Magic: The Gathering Arena has been in the public's grasp, there has been an outpouring of feedback about interactivity. This is true namely regarding the ability for players to draft together. Thankfully, Magic: The Gathering: Arena is getting this long-awaited feature on April 16th. During a live conference with Magic: The Gathering's […]

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A Deck Tech For Nethroi Apex Of Death In Magic: The Gathering

Today, we present you with a Magic: The Gathering Commander deck tech featuring one of the all-new legendary creatures from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. With Wizards of the Coast delaying Magic: The Gathering's next set, it is a given that a majority of the cards in this deck will not be released for a little […]

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Wizards of the Coast Releases Statement on Spacegodzilla "Magic" Card

Wizards of the Coast has issued a statement regarding the unfortunate naming of a card – or, at least, the unfortunate timing surrounding that name. Magic: The Gathering's newest set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, is due to release worldwide next month. However, the initial printing process for cards can take many months to finalize. "Spacegodzilla, Death […]