Destiny 2's New Gambit Mode is Insane and Perfect

Destiny 2's New Gambit Mode is Insane and Perfect

The new Gambit mode for Destiny 2 comes alongside the Forsaken expansion and is a combination PvE and PvP mode. The majority of the time, in a Gambit match, you'll be playing PvE against one of the many groups of enemies that have become synonymous with the Destiny franchise. Essentially, each team fights groups of enemies to pick up motes of light, then deposits them in a container on the middle of the map. Certain amounts of motes can be used to summon creatures to harass your opponents, send one of your own (complete with a godmode buff) to go harass the other side, or summon a Primeval boss to your side of the map. Whoever defeats their Primeval first wins. Demoing the mode at E3, we were tasked with taking down a whole bunch of Cabal, who are vehemently not my favorite opponents to go up against. Its the shields and the rockets, mostly, but I find it generally takes me longer to lay waste to a contingent of Cabal than any other enemy type.

That said, I did make sure to play around with the new weapon reworks, running a more typical Destiny loadout with an assault rifle as my primary, a light bow as my secondary, and a rocket launcher as my heavy. I ran with the light bow for the draw speed, damage, and because, well, why the hell not. I got to test out the new void Hunter super, which is actually a whole lot like the original blade dancer super, but with a different visual affect and less of a speed bonus.

Honestly, the Gambit mode is an absurd consideration, dropping PvE and PvP into the same game mode just sounds insane. But the thing is, it works. The weapon rework, the bows, the new supers, they're all just a little bit broken. But in that fun way that tells you just how well you could do with them, as long as you had extra practice. Honestly, the game balance based on the new changes makes Destiny 2 feel a whole lot more like the original did during the Taken King days. And those are probably my favorite days in Destiny. I miss running the King's Fall raid with a void hunter running a slightly OP kit. And that's what I got to do during my Gambit demo, with a bow to make things even more nostalgic.

The light and heavy bows in Forsaken do take a bit of getting used to, there's a slight learning curve with them, but they're a hell of a lot more viable than you'd guess for FPS PvP.

Honestly, everything I've done in Forsaken so far really, really makes me think Destiny 2 will be fun again when this expansion launches. And I cannot wait for it.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018.

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