Funimation Wants Goku to Join the Cast of Super Smash Bros. on the Switch

Funimation Wants Goku to Join the Cast of Super Smash Bros. on the Switch

Super Smash Bros. has slowly been expanding its roster out to third-party games — after all, Bayonetta has been playable for several version of the fighting franchise, and even Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife has made it into the game. And now both fans and publisher Funimation want Dragon Ball Z's Goku to join the cast.

Fans have wanted Goku to join Nintendo's fighting franchise for quite some time now, because of course they have. Hell, back in 2015 Kotaku even tried to form a coalition to get the Dragon Ball protagonist in Smash Bros. themselves. So of course Funimation is aware of the desire for the DBZ-Nintendo crossover.

The company went on to even tweet Nintendo about it earlier this week.

Now, this is far from an official confirmation than Goku will make it to the Switch edition of Super Smash Bros., but it is something of a start. After all, it would take a collaboration between Nintendo and Funimation to make the crossover happen. And its not like this would even be a weird move for Nintendo at this point. The Switch is a super popular console with more major third-party games coming to it than we've seen on a Nintendo console in generations. And putting Goku in Smash wouldn't be a bad move PR wise.

Of course, some dedicated Smash fans are not quite happy about the possibility.

Some insist Goku would only be a clone of Game and Watch, while others insist he cannot make the jump into Smash stardom because he just isn't a video game character originally. Which, honestly, guys, we get that so far all third-party characters in Smash have been game characters, but that seems like a very arbitrary rule to follow. And it's 2018. We can all accept that there's a ton of crossover between nerd fandoms. People who are into video games are often also into anime, and quite a few are also into western comics. That's one of the reasons this website also covers film, TV, and video games, after all.

Honestly, Smash hasn't been a game just for Nintendo characters since Super Smash Bros. Brawl brought in Sonic the Hedgehog, Solid Snake, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Grey Fox in 2008. It's been a decade my friends. Let's let Nintendo, and ourselves, move on.

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