Funko's New Rick And Morty Figures Get Schwifty

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One announcement that I got excited about a couple months back and kinda flew under the radar was that Funko would be producing a line of Rick and Morty action figures. I love the show (who doesn't) and have been impatiently waiting for their release. I am happy to say that the time has come, and while they are not perfect, I love them anyway.

First, as always: the packaging. I will tell you, if I was not opening these to review, they would for sure never have come off the card. Form the key art, to the cats floating around all over the place, the cards are amazing. The entire figures, accessories and all, are visible through the window-style package. It just feels so classic. I love it, I may get a second set just to keep on card.

From there: the figures themselves are really hit or miss. First, we have Birdperson. This is probably the coolest of all five, as he has extendable wings. The downside to these are that they do not stay in place very well. Each figure (with exceptions) has 9 points of articulation, and Birdperson actually stands the easiest out of all of them, even with the wings weighing down his back. Each and every figure is sculpted really well, I have no complaints there, and the detail on his wings is surprisingly great. The joints are very loose however, and that is a problem most of these figures have unfortunately.

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Next is Mr. Poopy Butthole. This one is the dud of the wave. While I love the character and am excited I have him as an action figure, he is just basically a light piece of plastic. he comes with his walking cane and yes, a pill bottle. he has seven points of articulation, but no elbow joints, and good luck getting him to stand, I only got the picture above after multiple tries. This was also the only figure I got with paint issues, as he has a giant splotch of pink paint on his right eye. But again, great sculpt and accessories, just not enough to save this one for me.

My favorite figure of the wave is the Mr. Meeseeks. He has nine points of articulation, and comes with his pistol and Jerry's golf club. The smirk on his face is adorable, it just makes me happy to look at it. It would have been cool to see an alternate head or two for different expressions, but that's ok. It feels like a hollow piece of plastic when you pick it up, and with such a heavy head the fact that he stands as well as he does surprised me. my one complaint is that neither of his hands is molded to properly hold the gun, you really have to wedge it in the to get it to stay. I would love to have an entire army of these guys!

Rick and Morty are of course the ones most people will want to pick up, and while Rick is great, the Morty could have been better by painting his mouth. It is really difficult to see the expression on his face, he has no neck so the head does not lift. The rest of Morty is great, but that face is just yucky. Rick on the other hand is pretty perfect. He comes with his portal gun and a flask, and either of his hands can hold either accessory. The hair is where the eyes go, and they nailed that, right down to the bald spot on the back.

Funko Rick and Morty Figures 4Borrowing from other toy lines, if you purchase all 5 figures you can build Snowball in his mech suit. This is such a neat thing to do, and Funko had the right idea with this one. The mech suit itself is pretty cool, the entire apparatus is on the small side however. But, that is ok. the packaging and figure size would not allow this to be much bigger, and in scale with the other figures. Snowball can't come out of there, and the suit has little articulation, but it is a neat piece to have next to the others so I wasn't too disappointed.

Overall, each figure has issues. But, nothing that would make me regret getting these. The kinks will get worked out, and overall I hope that we get future waves of these. At $11.99, these are very affordable, and with the extra build a figure, it is a no-brainer. Every fan at least needs Rick and Morty.

You can preorder these right now here.

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