Gamestop Being Closed in CA, PA, Presumably More

Previously we here at Bleeding Cool reported that, amid growing concern about the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe, Gamestop has been keeping their doors open. Additionally, they had been urging employees to do this despite what local law enforcement says to them. This was all under the pretense that Gamestop is a source of "essential retail" and thus a necessity to keep open.

"Gamestop 2.0" - A Retail Rennaissance, Pt.1
Source: Gamestop (photo credit: Josh Nelson)

However, new sources have indicated that California and Pennsylvania officials are shuttering Gamestops statewide in both cases and suspending Gamestop's operating license as far as their reach extends. Additionally, come this Sunday evening, March 22nd, this will be happening with Gamestops in New York as well in accordance with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's wishes.

According to one source that has gotten a statement from Gamestop concerning this pandemic and the actions they have taken:

"While GameStop is best known as a provider of gaming and home entertainment systems, we also offer a wide array of products and devices that are important to facilitate remote work, distance learning, and virtual connectivity […] While there are many businesses and organizations far more critical than ours, we believe we can have a positive impact during this very challenging time. […] The health and safety of our employees and customers is of utmost importance and we have and will continue to take extensive precautions consistent with CDC guidelines. We are complying with all state, county, city and local ordinances and we will continue to adjust to any future developments."

Gamestop Claims "Essential Retail" Status, "Can Stay Open"
Source: CDC

That Gamestop is just closing its doors after not one, but two major game releases, however, is deeply irresponsible. Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons have just been released and Gamestop, for the most part, had its doors open to sell them to the masses. Granted, they bottlenecked the process a bit – Doom and Animal Crossing were both slated to release on the same day originally, but Gamestop did decide to stagger the latter's release by a day citing the pandemic concerns.

What do you think? Is Gamestop a source of "essential retail"? Should they have complied with state mandates like they did, or was there wiggle room that they could have taken, so to speak? Let us know your thoughts!

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