We Take a Look at the Thanos Figure from Avengers: Infinity War

Yesterday, we got a look at the Iron Spider Spider-Man FX Titan Heroes figure from Avengers: Infinity War. We also got our hands on the Thanos figure, so today we will take a look at the Mad Titan. Same as the Spidey, these should be hitting shelves all over soon enough, along with oodles more Infinity War merch.

Just like Spidey, Thanos is housed in a box with the purple and gold color scheme, fitting for the character. I like the key art better on the back than the front; his grin on the front is really awkward-looking. The art on the side is probably the best overall; he looks the most menacing there.

Once you get him out of the box, like all other Titan Heroes figures you start to both admire and loath the figure. The sculpt is actually really good. Some have said that they don't like the way Thanos looks without his helmet on, but I don't mind it. They did a great job with the scars and wrinkles, and his eyes make him look really pissed off. Limited articulation, of course; that is the style of the figure.

The only other sculpting piece that matters here is the Infinity Gauntlet itself, and that looks great. A little light paint-wise, though — I wish it looked a little darker. But for a value figure like this is, it's hard to complain with how much detail they put into it.

The neat feature with these is the FX piece. Thanos does not come with one, but if you take a piece that comes with one of the other figures and place it on his back, the FX recognizes who it is plugged into and Thanos will talk. Pretty spiffy. No spoilers in his dialogue, and it doesn't really sound much like Josh Brolin. He only has three phrases, and then some punching and what may be the Gauntlet flexing. "Your power is nothing compared to mine," "The Infinity Stones are mine," and "Suffer my wrath," are all that he says.

I just wish this thing had at least elbow articulation — that way he would be able to at least flex the Gauntlet for posing purposes. But if you are a collector, the sculpt will look good on a display shelf. For kids, it is a no-brainer. If they keep adding things like the FX piece for added play value, these may even get more popular with long-time collectors.

As more Infinity War merchandise hits stores, we will be here to bring it to you as we find it.

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