Hideo Kojima Shares His Thoughts On Negative "Death Stranding" Reviews

Hideo Kojima Shares His Thoughts On Negative "Death Stranding" Reviews
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Death Stranding has been an extremely divisive game. Creator Hideo Kojima understands this, and as such doesn't seem to have let this fact bother him. In a recent interview with Italian publication Tgcom24, he spoke about how American critics may have disliked the game due to their love of first-person shooters.

Kojima also spoke with PlayStation Access during a recent interview. He noted that Death Stranding's uniqueness and innovative techniques caused a divide between reviewers.

"I believe there will be positive and negative reactions," Kojima said of his newest game. "This happens when you try to do something new, even in movies or games. If people are faced with something they haven't experienced before, it can be challenging." He noted that there was a similar situation with Metal Gear Solid when he broke into the stealth genre.

It's been the same old song and dance ever since Hideo Kojima began making games. He's either been a critically acclaimed creator or he's been maligned by critics and audiences. However, Death Stranding is certainly a cinematic and exciting experience that's unlike anything we've ever seen before. It should receive a modicum of praise for that idea alone, even if it's not universally appreciated.

Currently, Death Stranding is available on PlayStation 4, but it'll be headed to PC in 2020. If you're planning on playing, you might want to wait for PC. That's where all the mods will be.

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