Hollow Knight Hits Nintendo Switch Today, from Nintendo E3 2018 Presentation

Hollow Knight, the action-RPG Soulslike by Team Cherry, is receiving a Nintendo Switch, hitting the console today. This was revealed at the Nintendo E3 2018 press conference with a trailer showing off the gameplay for the audience.

On top of that, the various DLC expansions for Hollow Knight will be available to Switch players for free, including a new one coming soon called Gods and Glory.

I've yet to play Hollow Knight myself, but this trailer kind of sold me on the game (though I will have to buy it for PC). The art style is cute yet a bit haunting as the titular Hollow Knight navigates this hostile world of sentient bugs with magical powers and big honking weapons.

The sound effects of the various boss monsters stuck out to me too, as they give each one a lot of personality in addition to their fighting and movement patterns.

As previously stated, Hollow Knight is on the Nintendo Switch right now for purchase. If you're unable to do that right now and want to sate yourself with the E3 trailer until you can do so, it is available below courtesy of Nintendo's official YouTube channel. Enjoy the endearingly stylized cartoon insect violence.

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