Kingdom Hearts III Brings Back Captain Jack for Pirates of the Caribbean World

Kingdom Hearts III

Because you haven't gotten enough Kingdom Hearts III yet after years upon years of waiting, Sony's PlayStation E3 Showcase included a new trailer for the game that confirms the return of Pirates of the Caribbean. It appears as if the game will use the At World's End storyline for the Pirates world content — which means CGI Johnny Depp has made his return to the game.

It also sounds like they may have gotten him in to do the voiceover work.

Author's Take

I feel like bringing back an alleged domestic abuser to appear in and do voice over work for a game that's targeted at children was not a great idea. Honestly, who even thought that would be a good idea?

What executives signed off on this?

I get that the game has been in development for probably longer than the domestic abuse allegations, but the content could have been swapped out. Its not like the game wasn't delayed again and again since it was initially revealed what feels like a decade ago.

Honestly, not even the great Utada Hikaru soundtrack can make up for the sheer tonedeafness of this trailer. And I'm kind of depressed about that.

You can watch it below.

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