Let's Take A Look At The Incredibles Funko Pops!

Incredibles Funko Pops are hitting stores now, and we got our hands on the Parr family. With the sequel hitting theaters in June, now is the perfect time to search these out and add them to your collection. Let me tell you- these are some of the best that Funko has ever done.

Even the regular Funko box seems classier with these. The Incredibles logo is everywhere, and the reds and yellows really make the Pops…well pop inside the boxes. I only got the Parr family, I did not find Frozone, Underminer, or Screenslayer. I will be adding them shortly though, as the Underminer looks like he may have the best sculpt of the whole wave.

Once you get these out of the box is where they really shine. All of them are in their red Incredibles costumes from the end of the first film. At least on mine, they were all clean with great paint work around the black and red, and the masks on their faces have no bleed into their skin. Mr. Incredible was made to be a Funko pop, with his big puffy chest and the classic hair curl. Both of the kids- Violet and Dash, look spot-on to their film counterparts. Jack Jack comes with a stand for…reasons but I love his little hair poof. Elastigirl is my favorite of the bunch. The big hair, the high boots, everything about this Pop works.

Incredibles Funko Pops Group Shot

This is my Funko set of the year so far. It will take a lot to dethrone this one (and coming from a guy who loves Thanos and has been buying all of those as well, that is saying a lot) and I just don't see these being beat. They are in stores now, but if you don't want to leave your house to find them you can buy them here.

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