LudoNarraCon Opens Submissions For 2021 Convention

Indie games publisher Fellow Traveller announced that they have opened submissions for LudoNarraCon 2021, happening April 23rd-26th. Since 2019 the event is a celebration of narrative video games, and as the third event is set to happen completely online, it has been confirmed that Sam Barlow (Director and Writer of Telling Lies and Her Story) and Tanya X Short (Creative Director at Kitfox Games) will be a part of the event as speakers. Details are brief at the moment as the event is still several weeks away, but if it's like previous events, it will be awesome. We're looking forward to hearing more about what's on the horizon for the event, but for now, here's a quick quote from the company and some info on what they have planned so far.

A look at the artwork for LudoNarraCon 2021, courtesy of Fellow Traveller.
A look at the artwork for LudoNarraCon 2021, courtesy of Fellow Traveller.

"We started LudoNarraCon with a vision for the power of digital festivals to help indie games rise above the noise, so it's been exciting to see the explosion of events through 2020 and how far Steam has gone in providing the tools to power them." said Chris Wright, managing director of Fellow Traveller. "We've also always believed in the power of curation and feel that genre or flavour-focused events like LudoNarraCon or the Steam Tabletop Games Festival are important ways to help like-minded developers and players connect around a shared passion. We're proud to be playing a role in helping innovative story-rich games to get their moment in the spotlight."

As in previous years, the event structure mimics that of physical events:
  • Game Booths: A curated selection of developers "exhibit" on their Steam store pages, using Steam's streaming features to provide behind the scenes looks at their games.
  • Demos: Exhibiting games will have downloadable demos, available only for the duration of the event but playable at the player's convenience.
  • Main Stage: The event's main landing page on Steam will run a livestream featuring panels on topics related to narrative games and panelists including narrative game developers, writers, and journalists.
  • Press Pass: Media can register for a press pass giving them early access to demo builds, press assets and facilitating contact with participating developers to organise interviews.
  • Steam Sale: The event will host a narrative-themed sale for released games, live for the duration of the event.

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