Overwatch Gets The GoldenEye Treatment In An Ambitious Fan-Video


If you ever wanted to know what Overwatch might be like if it were given the GoldenEye 007 treatment, youtube user Noilleber has you covered. While the graphics are not top-of-the-line circa 1997, the startup sequence should be familiar – the case files, the bullet sounds, the annoyingly repetitive soundtrack, the 4-way split-screen, and the blood dripping death sequence – it's all there.

I hadn't thought I'd ever get PTSD flashbacks from a video game, but clearly, I was not prepared for Overwatch 64. Hell the running even feels exactly the same, though, there is far less of people staring into corners or at their feet. It took me years to figure out that my brain was backwards and so I required the crutch that is look inversion; so naturally all my fondest memories of dying at the hands of my brother during a game of GoldenEye prominently feature my own character staring in the completely wrong direction and then getting shot from behind.

Seeing Overwatch get the retro treatment is amusing as hell and I kind of wish more games would get dropped into the world of GoldenEye, but don't just take my word for it. You can watch it below.


You can check out some related Overwatch news about Lucio moving to Heroes of the Storm here about the use of a mouse and keyboard here, or check out Noilleber's youtube page here. Or get the Overwatch Valentines for those "belated Valentines" on your list. You know the ones.

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