Pokémon GO: Tour Kanto Will Have A Make-Up Event

It feels like Safari Zone 2020 all over again in Pokémon GO. Remember that, fellow trainers? Niantic hosted a make-up event soon after the main ticketed event to make amends for server errors. Then, there was another issue with that event, so Niantic offered a make-up for the make-up. Then, there was an issue with the following week's Dragon Week, so Niantic offered a make-up for that one as well. Let it never be said that the folks running the Pokémon GO show don't want to make up for their mistakes. Well, now we are here again, as Niantic confirms that there will indeed be a "bonus event" due to some issues with Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto tickets. Let's see what was said.

A trainer and a Lapras in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
A trainer and a Lapras in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

On Twitter, Niantic posted:

Trainers, Thanks for your patience while we looked into the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto ticket issues. We will be hosting a bonus event for all paid ticket holders at a later date. Please stay tuned for details.

Conversations on social media seem to point toward an issue where certain non-ticketed members were receiving certain perks that were set to be reserved for ticketed members. This seems to have allowed some to take advantage of the mistake, while others were frozen out of the game after attempting to claim Research tasks that they weren't supposed to have.

Others wondered if this was due to the current Raid Pass glitch, which Niantic addressed to many trainers in their replies with this message:

Sorry for the trouble […]. We're aware of this issue where players are asked to use in-person Raid Pass instead of Remote Raid Pass when invited to a raid. Our team is investigating it and stay tuned here for more news. We appreciate your patience! ^TA

When we find out more information on what this bonus event is, we will report.

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