Pokémon Masters Adds Jasmine and Steelix For A Limited Time

The DeNA-published Pokémon game Pokémon Masters is welcoming Gold and Silver's Jasmine and her partner Steelix. Jasmine will be available under the game's Spotlight Scout Banner from now through June 4th. Jasmine will offer a support role with Steelix for your Pokémon team.

Jasmine and Steelix are the only Support Steel-Type Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters, and they come with a defensive set of moves. Clang! can help you block critical hits and stat-lowering effects. X-Defense in turn will raise your allied Sync Pairs' defense stats. Steelix has the passive skill Endurance, which means your team can take a powerful hit and stay alive with one hit point left.

Pokémon Masters has temporarily added Pokémon Gold and Silver's Jasmine and Steelix, courtesy of DeNA.
Pokémon Masters has temporarily added Pokémon Gold and Silver's Jasmine and Steelix, courtesy of DeNA.

Pokémon Masters has been adding several new characters over the last few months since its debut. The free mobile game originally debuted in August 2019. The game's ultimate goal is to become to Champion, and players must recruit Sync Pairs to unlock new sync pair stories and participate in limited time events.

Sync Pairs have three different roles: strike, support, and tech. They all focus on a variety of different tactics, and they can be recruited by playing through the main story or scouting them. Players can go through the game's single-player story events and also play co-op multiplayer to team up and defeat more powerful enemies and more. There's actually a lot to check out if you're curious.

There are several Pokémon titles on mobile now, but the most popular by far is Pokémon Go. If you're looking for the complete Pokémon experience, however, mobile adaptations pale in comparison to the core titles on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. It's fun to go through these mobile adaptations and see what they offer, but if you're looking to "really" become a Pokémon master, these games can only really hold you over for so long.

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