PUBG Receives A New Patch With Esports & Gameplay Updates

This morning, PUBG received a brand new update in the form of the 7.3 patch, which included some updates for gameplay and esports. The update has been sitting on the test servers for a minute, but now you can play with some of the new options, which includes the latest addition of C4. The weapon comes with a delayed timer that will send out a powerful shockwave that can damage and kill enemies. This works through walls and cover, so no one is really safe from the blast radius if you're nearby. C4 is basically a timed grenade in a sense that's slower but packs a bigger punch and it will get people to scatter and flee from you in a heartbeat, unless they really want to press their luck. You can read more below, which also includes the return of the Pick'Em Challenge.

Today marks the return of the Pick'Em Challenge.
Today marks the return of the Pick'Em Challenge.
  • PCS 1 Pick'Em Challenge: PUBG Esports is back in a big way with the PCS 1 event taking center stage beginning June 25. Starting today on PC and June 23 on console, players can purchase special PCS 1 items and receive voting coupons to directly reward their favorite teams. Fans can get in on the action via the Pick'Em Challenge by checking out the Esports tab in-game.

  • Gameplay Updates: It's all about C4 and vehicle damage in Update 7.3. Explosive C4 can now be thrown and detonated midair to wreak havoc on enemies within 25 meters. Four-wheeled vehicles now take different levels of bullet damage depending on where they're hit, and they won't explode until a few seconds after deteriorating to zero hit points. Close escapes should be common in the Update 7.3 era.

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