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Wyrd Games Reveals New Gremlin Model For Malifaux Third Edition
Wyrd Games, the game company responsible for bringing games such as Malifaux and The Other Side to players and consumers, has done well to cultivate a greater "Fauxverse" within their three biggest games (the above two, as well as their role-playing game Through The Breach) Today, Wyrd revealed a new model for Malifaux and it truly works as a[...]
Wyrd Games' Malifaux "Realm Beyond" Gameplay & Models, In Review
Wyrd Games, the game design company based in Marietta, Georgia, is well-known for its intricate miniatures which oftentimes need a masterful touch to merely assemble As of their supplemental book for the third edition of Malifaux, entitled Malifaux Burns, there are few models that are more tricky to piece together than Lady Yume, found in the[...]
Wyrd Games' Seeking The Blade Malifaux 3rd Ed Boxed Set, In Review
Hello to all fans, players, and other aficionados of Malifaux, the tabletop skirmish wargame by Wyrd Games! We have been seeing an absolute proliferation of Master title models for the third edition of this game ever since Wyrd Games came out with the book Malifaux Burns, which put every title into the limelight and gave players[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals A Kumon Titan Miniature For The Other Side
Wyrd Games, the powerhouse tabletop gaming company responsible for the creation and cultivation of such games as Malifaux, Vagrantsong, and Puppet Wars, has given the public a peek at the Titan miniature from an all-new faction that's coming to their wargame The Other Side sometime in the near future How exciting! The art for the Tatarigami, a Titan from The Other[...]
Wyrd Games' "Malifaux Burns", The Story Malifaux Deserves - Review
Malifaux, Wyrd Games' flagship tabletop skirmisher, has been rife with conflict in its story From vignettes surrounding individual characters to major cataclysmic happenings such as "The Event" (wherein each Master in the game manifested into an "avatar", a nigh-godlike being with massive powers), the world of Malifaux is never one to be spared from major[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals Nightmare Edition For Malifaux, The Other Side
Every year around the time of GenCon, one of the most (if not the most) prolific tabletop gaming conventions in the United States, Wyrd Games, the Marietta, Georgia-based tabletop game design company responsible for Malifaux and The Other Side, comes out with a "Nightmare Edition" boxed set, wherein has a bunch of collectible, limited-edition alternate sculpts for[...]
Wyrd Games Releases New Information On Upcoming Game Vagrantsong
Wyrd Games, the Marieta, Georgia-based tabletop game company credited with creating the wargames Malifaux and The Other Side, as well as the role-playing game Through The Breach, has announced the opening of preorders for their upcoming board game, Vagrantsong Furthermore, they have released a new trailer teasing the spooky aesthetics of the game and likewise announced[...]
Wyrd Games Announces New Limited Zoraida Box Sculpts For Malifaux
Wyrd Games, a tabletop game design company based in Marietta, GA, has taken note of this and has announced the next Rotten Harvest sculpts, which feature Zoraida the Hag and her crew for Malifaux. The front of the box for Toil And Trouble, the Rotten Harvest limited-edition sculpts for Zoraida, a Neverborn/Bayou Master from Wyrd Games' tabletop[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals Prof. Von Schtook's Alternate Title In Malifaux
Wyrd Games, the tabletop game designers responsible for bringing us such wargames as Malifaux, The Other Side, as well as the Through the Breach role-playing game, has been quite occupied in creating alternative "titles" for their Master models within Malifaux's third edition So far, we have covered all titles shown so far, including those revealed for Sonnia[...]
Wyrd Games Provides New Details About The Other Side Starter Box
Wyrd Games, the tabletop gaming company best known for their objective-based skirmish wargame Malifaux, has released new details regarding the starter box for their other wargame, The Other Side With it, they have provided the stat card information for their Gatling Gunner and Guild Mage units as they pertain to Malifaux's third edition. The starter box for both[...]
Wyrd Games Shows Off New Malifaux Master Title For The Dreamer
Wyrd Games, the tabletop game designers who brought us The Other Side, Through The Breach, and many other games, have clearly been quite hard at work creating alternate titles for Master models within the third edition of Malifaux, their objective-based skirmish wargame Already, we have seen titles for Sonnia Criid, Kirai Ankoku, and Asami Tanaka, but today[...]
Malifaux: Wyrd Games Reveals A New Title For Asami Tanaka
In Malifaux, the objective-based tabletop skirmish wargame by Wyrd Games, Master models have been receiving new titles, which in essence means that they get a new miniature sculpt and a new set of abilities on their base cards Recently we've seen this hold true for both Sonnia Criid and Kirai Ankoku, the Masters in Malifaux who happen[...]
Review: Wyrd Games' Malifaux Explorer's Society Starter Set
For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing miniatures from Wyrd Game's objective-based skirmisher wargame Malifaux We reviewed a number of minis that delved into the philosophy of the shadow as well as an undead Wendigo-appearing miniature This must have attracted the attention of Wyrd themselves, for they have sent us a review copy[...]
Wyrd Games Releases The Other Side Company Builder App For Android
Wyrd Games, the game designers also known as Wyrd Miniatures who brought us games like Malifaux, the role-playing game system Through the Breach, and the upcoming board game Vagrantsong, has been hard at work Their tech team has finally developed an application for your phone that can help you create a Company in their wargame, The Other Side! Promotional[...]
Review: The Other Side's ECB Black Ops By Wyrd Miniatures
To that end, we have gotten ahold of a unit of ECB Black Ops from The Other Side, a wargame by Wyrd Miniatures, for review Here's what we think of it! The box for the ECB Black Ops, a unit from the Cult of the Burning Man from The Other Side, a wargame by Wyrd Miniatures. We'll be[...]