Ring in 2020 with These Hilarious Gaming Parody Videos

Ring in 2020 with These Hilarious Gaming Parody Videos
Credit: Egoraptor

Video games are serious business. Alright, not always. We do have Muscle March. Amidst all the stark narratives, super soldiers, and apocalyptic stories, we need a little room for lightheartedness.

That's where parody videos come in. While there are several thousands available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, it can often be tough to wade through the lame videos to get to the good stuff. We've got some of the best nuggets of YouTube here for your viewing pleasure. And yes, while some may be a bit old and behind the times, just trust the process here. These are the videos I return to time and time again.

With 2020 right around the corner, it's time for a little bit of levity. Here are some of the best gaming parody videos of all time to help you ring in the new year.

Gears of Awesome

Jump aboard the COLE TRAIN' BAY-BEH! and watch Egoraptor's satirical look at the testosterone-fueled third-person shooter, Gears of War 2. These friendly Locust never get to hang out with Marcus anymore and it sounds like Dom's wife is missing. Then suddenly, rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns. Wowee-zowee!

Mega64: PaRappa the Rapper

Imagine if everyone's favorite rapping canine came to life. He'd probably behave a little like this. And the masses would react in a similar manner. That guy is clearly walking around pretending to be on the phone so he can look important. What he should have done was drop some sweet bars and wow everyone watching. Then he'd be rappin' COOL, for sure.

Mega Man 3 Title (With Lyrics)

He is Mega Man, and he's blue and cyan. If the Mega Man 3 title music had lyrics, they'd go a little something like this. Now you'll never be able to get these ingenious lyrics out of your head. It's important to note that Mega Man could shoot the legs off of Jeffrey Dahmer. I bet you didn't know that.

The Sims in Real Life



If you thought watching your Sims was ridiculous, take a look at how things play out in the real world. Then you might actually feel some remorse over forcing the matron of the house into a closet with no door. Or you might not, too. Either way you'll get a few chuckles out of this video.What video game parody videos have you in stitches? Drop them here and get ready to laugh all the way into 2020, because that's all there is to do between crying these days, really.

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