'The Silver Case' Has Two New Chapters For PC Players


Grasshopper Manufacture Ltd. has updated The Silver Case's HD Remastered PC version to include two new chapters – White Out and Yami – which link the story to its upcoming sequel. As well as adding the two new scenarios, some minor tweaking to the game also took place in regards to some movies and images, as well as additional achievements.

The two new chapters are the same ones that were released on PS4 in North America and Europe previously, so this isn't quite brand new content — but it will be the first time PC players worldwide can get their hands on the two new chapters. White Out was written by Goichi Suda, better known by his handle Suda51, and features illustrations by Takashi Miyamoto. Meanwhile, Yami was written by Masahi Ooka and features art by Masaki Ikeda.

The sequel in question is The Silver Case: Ward 25, which given the success of the HD remaster of The Silver Case, is going to be seeing its own remastered edition sometime soon.

The full list of changes from the update are:

  • "White Out" and "Yami" have been added to "The Silver Case" HD remaster PC Version; the two new chapters tie the main story and the upcoming sequel together smoothly by depicting some of the events occur between the two.
  • New songs have been remixed for this update to include new tracks for the new scenarios, as well as an update to the Menu Selection Screen Music by Akira Yamaoka and Erika Ito.
  • Transmitter: Sayaka Baian's New Design.
  • Fully remade movies with new cast member Arisa Matsunaga, but it is possible to switch between the original version and the remastered version in the graphic settings.
  • Comic Beam Cover and inside illustration has been refreshed.
  • Added eight new achievements.

All platforms — Steam, PLAYISM, GOG, Humble Store — will be updated sequentially from May 30th Japan Time.

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