Skybound SDCC 2017 Exclusives: Walking Dead, Saga, Outcast, And More

Skybound usually has one of the busier booths at San Diego Comic-Con every year, and as fans flock to it for signings galore, of course all of their various exclusives from the likes of The Walking Dead, Saga, Outcast, and more will be on display. This year, they are heading into the con with some pretty awesome exclusives, and one in particular is sure to excite action figure fans.

First, we have a two-figure set from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples's beloved Saga. Following up on the Marko and Alana set from last year, we have The Will and Lying Cat. Lying Cat even comes with a "Lying," speech bubble. The Will is a favorite of mine, so I will be grabbing this. It will run $50.

Next, we have two versions of Sydney from the TV show version of Outcast. One clean, one bloody, of course.

Skybound will be entering the ever-crowded and popular mini-figure market. Good to see they will cover ground from all of their books and not just Walking Dead and Saga here — the Mikey from Birthright is a major want for me.

Lastly, the Shiva Force! figure box set may be the hit of the con. Modeled after The classic G.I. Joe packaging, and will even be available in both bloody and clean versions (of course, again). The figures themselves will stand at about 5" tall and come with quite a bit of firepower. All are also in what they have dubbed "Shiva Force" deco, as well — I love the tiger pants!

Speaking of tigers, Shiva being in here is awesome. It is also a callback, as Snake Eyes has come with wolves as a pack-in previously, too. Each set will be limited to 1000 pieces and will run you $100. It's also worth mentioning that a fifth figure — Jesus — will be available, but only in the summer Megabox subscription box from Skybound.

I'm sure they will have comic variants galore and the like, as well. No word on if any of this will be available to people not attending the show yet, but I do know after last year's show, some of Skybound's exclusives were available to order for comic shops.

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