Toy Fair New York: Jada Toys Nano-Metal Figures Are a Huge Hit

Jada Toys has a pretty interesting presence on store shelves, as they have really taken off with their 1.5 inch metal figures. You have seen these- they come single packed or in giant box sets of 12 to 20 figures per pack. The little miniatures are quite addicting and collectible, as they cover a wide range of characters in many different looks. And the amount of detail they get onto these things is pretty incredible, the metallic paint really make all of the design elements pop big time.

While I was not permitted to take pictures of some of the various new lines they will be adding, but I can say that pending approval there will be new figures of Halo, Walking Dead, Kingdom Hearts, Nickelodeon, and some special figures celebrating Mickey's birthday. Some of these are pretty awesome looking, so fingers crossed. They also will have special displays for the figures, similar to the Harry Potter Hogwarts display pictured below. I saw a couple for Marvel, A Nightmare Before Christmas one, and an awesome looking Fantasia Mickey one.

Also there but not picture permitted was a line of 1.5 inch racers for Hello Kitty, all food themed and pretty cool. These will be single-packed and twin packs.

On the vehicle side, again no pictures were allowed, but there will be Transformers on their way. One of the cool touches on those larger vehicles is that the character is sculpted underneath in robot form. Nice touch there. One other vehicle note: they will also be doing wonderful 1.5 inchers as well, with an incredible amount of detail. Transformers, Fast and Furious, and some other famous pop culture cars will be in stores if approved this fall.

Check out some of what they have to offer down below, and as Jada formally announce all of their new licenses we will bring them to you.

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