The Ultimate 12 Inch Daredevil Figure Is Coming To SDCC Courtesy Of Hasbro

Marvel legends Daredevil 2

Hasbro's line of 12-inch Marvel Legends has had an interesting year, that's for sure. Given a ton of fan-fare at last years SDCC during their Marvel presentation, initially when the first wave hit shelves they were tough gets. That lasted about a month, and then they were everywhere. I myself walked into a Walmart and picked up the Iron Man for $20, down from $50. E-tailers also offered them at steep discounts, and it looked like three figures: Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man, were all that we may see. And the figures are awesome. Very poseable, they come with lots of accessories and great paint apps. Thankfully, we know now that they are in fact forging ahead with these. Deadpool is hitting shelves as we speak, with Hulk and Thor to come later this year. There is even a Black Suit Spider-Man exclusive coming to Target. If they have faith in this line, then so do I. Which makes today's announcement tough, because I am going to want one of these badly.

At SDCC this year, Hasbro will be offering an exclusive 12-inch Daredevil figure, and it looks incredible. The figure itself will come with two heads: masked and a Matt Murdock head, and a loose cowl. Then, not only three sets of hands, but a pair of wrapped wrists and forearms. Rounding out the accessories is his billy-club. If it is like every other one of these releases, it will be a fun figure to pose and the sculpt looks pretty great. The mask-less beat up head is ok, but that is the best part of interchangeable heads, you can just leave the masked version on.

As with all of their SDCC exclusives, the packaging here is incredible. Featuring art by Joe Quesada, the box has a front flap that opens to reveal the figure inside the package, with a giant window frame like all the other 12-inch Marvel Legends. The other side of the flap features more Quesada art, and on the backside of the package there will be braille writing, which is a nice touch. Inside will also be two posters of the box art.

If you are at the show, this guy will run you $59.99, which is only $10 more than these are at regular retail. If you are not lucky enough to be at the show, it will be available on Hasbro Toy Shop a week or so after the con, although getting one on there is almost harder than it is at the show itself. I would expect this figure to get a regular release, minus the fancy box and less accessories, later on as well.


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